say goodbye to may

Thursday, 31 May 2012

goodbyyeee May!
and heello june

i remember i came here 18th may
now it's june already
so fast uh,i miss my home

a little bit homesick here
i'm kinda tired of everyday eating
but i'm still like to cycling around

dont ask my hobby after i came here,
all my answer just, i will cycling every 6pm if i can.

may of 2012,i left my home,my family,my puppies,
urgh,i miss them so much.
getting an independant after all.
i almost eveyrday went bicycle shop in may.
i just hoping i will not visit the shop frequently in june.

31st may ,the weather in kampar it's really unpredictable
it's sunny afternoon and suddenly thunder storm
i finished my class 1pm but i going hostel 4pm
and that time it started to rain.

jiawen kinda unlucky ,parked at the chaining zone
and she got fined rm5,but xin ning paid for her first.
cause she got her class end 6pm
our campus save and security department closed 5:30pm
poor little jiawen.

we like having a cup of tea inside the office while waiting the rain stop

seriously,i hate my bicycle
it likes to come out some..out of my expectation accident

if i take all the money of maintainance,i think i can buy a new bicycle

almost spent all my money

before 10th of june ,i have to pay my rental first
or not,they going have a call to my parents already
oh my god!

it's very lol.
until now,i dont know how much should i take it as my cash and others save in the card.
i going ask my parents later.

woolala, actually my parents coming today but suddenly cancelled
cause closing date.*arghh..i forgot already!

by the way,at least my babysitter coming over here to visit me
very excited. XD
my mom gave those things that she's going give me to jiawen's mother
cause...jiawen have a very blessful family.
her family coming over her visit her again,..

 anyway,my parents coming next week! XD

oh yeah,june.
going to our 2nd week already
omg,tutorial class start next week!
i dont want it >.<
i have to go back at 6pm everyday!.
except friday 11am

dont envy me,because of friday i can go back earlier without any tutorial after 11am.