start packing thingss

Sunday, 13 May 2012

i think i bought almost everything.except food.

i started pack my clothes , and i pick this shirt that shirt
and put into my bag,it boom out my bag

and i realize i took almost all my wadrobe clothes into my bag
gosh, should i bring so many clothes there?

i only wash once a week,means i have to prepare minimum 10 clothes?
 feeling so hard to pack things,i cant leave my tvxq album here
i might miss to watch that album

but if i bring it there,where should i put?

hmm,only the clothes i got 2 boxes dy.

i really cant imagine how many boxes will i bring to kampar on this friday

i didnt even pack my bags,shoes,and those shampoo
and and the laptop,book,ironer,hanger..

i worry i might bring too much and be like a freak at there

at the same time,i scare forgot bring something.
and i have to come back then go back again..

i heard some rumours that kampar line isn't so good as i know
i started worry now,if i cant online
how i get to know lastest news of tvxq? Pps T.T

i know sure i will miss my wireless,it is so smooth and cool.i think it will better than the line in kampar.

everyone met me,and asked me where to go.when they heard utar.
they will start advise me for must study hard there,becareful,the exam is hard to get pass...

btw it's mothers' day today,we didnt celebrate anything
and my mom went bed so early,9pm she slept...

lucky i already told her i love her before she went sleep :P

hoping i wont forgot anything to bring ...

happy mothers' day <3