first day of O'week

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Orientation = O week
i just learn it from my just means shortcut :P

there lots of first time actually,
first time,i wait the bus at the bus stop
first time i wait around 1 hour
gosh,i found out i kinda patient person uh.
bus stopp in westlake

the first bus stop let me wait around 1 hours there

and then went to register,just awhile
we walked back,gosh on the half way we stop the bus
arghh leg pain arrr

just having lunch in room
i spent too much money for maintainance my bicycle
i watch my money flew away

i admit i'm short,and i got a bicycle which i need taller just can ride !
shit,im 18.>.<!
xin ning taught me how to ride the bicycle which is taller than me
i got it but dont know how to stop.
ah so embarrassing.18 years old still need to teach to ride bicycle.


by the way, we met our housemate and then
we  taught that friend cycling at the night gosh
and fit it 2 person in a bicycle

is kinda fun acctually,at the night we dont have any entertainment here

just watching movies then sleep

i just felt,my bed soo comfortable
and i dont want to wake up anymoreee
i want sleep sleep sleep!