come on over 2012!

Saturday, 31 December 2011

everyone in facebook keep on posting
advising their friends don't go to toilet 11:59,because they might get out next year
it's a very creative post.

2011 it's going end.
i walkthrough my SPM forever,that will never turn back anymore
i regret for never appreciate the last year at school with friends
i regret for never try my best to score the marks in exam
there's lot of things i really regret.

therefore,i do feel thankful to my family,teacher,and friends
they accompany me to walkthrough 2011,they gave me lots of couragement

i made lot of new friends recently,but it's so bad that
i dont know how to communicate with them.i'm trying to learn their language
i'm so afraid that they might don't like me.
i have very poor communicate skill.><
so i hope 2012 i can improve my communicate skill better.><

2012,a title of a movie
the end of the world?everyone predicted 2012.
but still we celebrating for the new coming year
maybe it's not going end of the world,but is the brand new world

2012,olympic in london!

i wish i have to chance to watch live!
i love london!

i'm going to nasional service soon
it's gonna be fun there~
don't be sad for going that cause we can't change the fact
just face it positive

hey,look at there M16!XD
that's make me crazy about it
everyday are full with activities,gonna gain lots of experience

i don't know what is my plan in 2012
i just know that i have work harder in this year

so,come on 2012!

what's going on?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

after SPM,everyone busy finding a job
our moumou group had planned to work together
but i dont know why everyone get theirs own
and seperated.

i decided work as clerk with my daddy
going gain a lot weight...

i think i would start my job on january
now i got 3 jobs offered.
all are kindergarden teachers

hey! izzit i am loving?
to teach kids?please kill me

i don't have patience when kids are crying
i think i would throw them out of the house if they started cry non-stop

i'm not smart in teaching
even i teach friends simple things,i would make it into very complicated
cause i like make some example which made people confused

sorry friends that offered me the jobs.
i'm hot tempered
i worried that the kids would scare me

i like to fooling around,i don't like to be serious
i don't like people scare me.

i can't repeat same things for several time,i would mad on it
i can't make it
i cant be a good teacher i think.


fishyy open house

i changed into new phone for temporary
i think..

suddenly fishhy invited me to her house
and when i asked her who are you
she replied me ,YING

i got 3 friends which got Ying behind
how i gonna know ?

she just tell me the address,then i know it
i must be there,cause just infront of my house
she's in same taman with me!

i wants to play badminton badly,i think she would play with me
she invited my mou mou,but just 3 of us attend her open house party
jiawen,lin en,and me

our little ann,she went to jitra 
it's too bad!

i'm so so so shy to go in there
she come and bring me in

tortoise and lin en 
wear skirt,
i don't have skirt 
it's too bad right?hhahaha

lin en very funny,she stand infront of the house
and ask yuying,
izzit your new house?
of course!
but we decided to lie her this is old house and bla bla bla
to make her blurrr

yuying wear so nice in that day~
pinkyyy girl

she is really pink
not only pink in dress,pink cellphone 
and even the wall paper in the phone also pink

tortoise always the last....

and the..
i made a little girl cry 
felt so guilty to her,jenny i think.

she's just 7 years old naughty girl
her favourite is open the door and close it 
hahaha,they are playing hide and seek i think

she scare of ghost story,i just simply
make a fake story
and sudennly she become quiet..
then wuu...omg
she cried.

sorry jenny :P

turning into panda

it's become my routine
sleep at 3am wake up 7am
almost everyday
i ever imagine that i would sleep whole day after SPM
but after spm,i dont get enough sleep

omg,look at the eye bag below my small small eyes
it's getting larger and larger
soon,you would able to see my eyes bag only
no eyes anymore!

i trying my best to learn japanese language
so so so hard to me
i still unable to read their words yet
still cant remember a i u e o..
i thought japanese language should be easier than korean
maybe i over interested with korea,hahaha
korean words are much better than japanese words
cause they don't have much words to remember
very easy!

but i will still continue it learning,nothing is impossible

27th december is the day that we shall meet up japanese interactors
i'm so excited,i'm getting new friends
me and mou mou going to dance joget in malaysia night which fall in 26th december
teaching them too,the best way to get friends
maybe they are not as good as we imagine,
my cousin share her experience with me about that japanese visited their school
she said that they have a really bad behavior
i just wish that we don't meet up these guys/girls
 after Japanese night 27th dec
we will straight go to ann's new house
the first time overnight at friends house
it just like a dream!!
just please please please don't cancel! 

P holder!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

it needs alot of luck to get good JPJ pengajar
and today i really lucky enough

he tried to relax me by keep on talking with me
while i'm driving ON THE ROAD

i had mati engine for twice i think
he tought me instead of commenting on me

i'm really glad to met him on my jpj test
he gave me 17/20 ,
i passed

he have a looks like chinese
as i know he got chinese girlfriend and he is malay
he asked me to speak in chinese 
cause he wanted to learn 

and i'm the only chinese girl in the jpj test

anyway,i'm P holder RIGHT NOW!

that makes me excited

is super big news for me
i cant believe it i passed JPJ Test

thanks lot sir,for giving me passed the road XD
i really lack of confident on the road
especially 2nd road
it's so damn hard for me,
i have to change from gear 4 to gear 2 
then change here and there
he taught me all the way,and he gave me passed

finish my jpj i thought i can go home straightly
but,.the van just went out
i have to wait from 1 o'clock until 4 o'clock

i still survive without drinking or eating for almost 10hours
i met new friends who from bahiyah 
we talks lot almost everything
it's really glad to meet them

beside,i met others chinese friends that took 6hours teori and practical
the 1st time i went back with the van full with chinese

the van is just like our car
we laughing,chatting with a loud voices

thanks to the driver
he is very kind ,
he let me down infront of my mum shop
others driver they will let me down on another places,
i have to walk to mum's shop

i can sleep for whole day long finally!
thanks JPJ!


Monday, 12 December 2011

oh my god
my jpj test tomorrow
i'm sooo nervous
i don't know what should i do..
i felt everything was undone
i know i need to relax but i just can't do it
oh my god

my daddy keep on telling
no big deal if i failed
but i don't know why i'm still so nervous on it

i'm just feel like..
i had forgotten everything

today just went there for the last practise
i feel like i had done the worst performance ever ever in the practise
everything stuck together and blanked my mind

oh my god 
oh my god!

sandy fighting!!!

i really don't know what should i do tomorrow

god bless me!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

it's yunho & changmin shanghai fan meeting
it's having a happy ending
i'm YJ fans,and there have happened nothing about arguement,fighting
they support their idols by their ways,they supported them peacefully

i really happy when i know about this
Jaejoong reached shanghai yesterday too
there have some rumors about jaejoong went to yunho &changmin fan meeting
which at line 17,he had bought the whole line ticket
until now no ones know the truth yet
also have some about jaejoong was infront of yunho & changmin hotel
perhaps they stayed together?
i do wish they meet up,maybe there would be some good news in 2012

2012 tvxq contract ended ^^

okay , today was jaejoong personal fan meeting
but happened something realy make people down

the fight on the event
Only jaejoong fans slapped YJ fans
they fighting,because of they dont like for YJ fans shoutiing YUNHO
jaejoong have lots of fans bringing green light instead of red
he asked why it's greend not red?
perhaps he wish for red?
red light/sea was cassiopeia sign for tvxq

some fans tear down YJ photo
they slapped,fight,hit,quarrel
why everything of this happened on jaejoong fans meeting
maybe they angry but they don't think about jaejoong's feeling
even we support YJ maybe they are fake or real
we still love them,we don't fight for this non-sense
in tvxq chat room there would be anti-XXX
but in YJ chatroom there have nothing about anti
only about sweet moment
everyone in YJ chatroom are like sisters brothers
living harmony

why happened this?
just because of the fans.

i cried when i know this news , i felt only Jaejoong fans was selfish
everyone do have their own idol,and no ones have right to change it
don't try to change people favourites idol.
maybe the idols we love something different but he still our idols

Bbye Smk Convent

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

finally spm is over
it's very happy 
no more 6am wake up and rush to school
no more homeworks like mountain on the table
no more revision books increase slowly
no more rush to tuition everyday

no more and no need

but at least it just like our routine
i like the moment when i went to school and play with Mou
i like to asking lots question when i feel boring
i like eat as fast as possible  at behind while teacher is teaching
i like to talk with friends by using books to cover 
i like to sleep and act it like i was studying

omg 5 years
when i was form 1,i telling myself omg still long way to go
i gonna survive here for so long,it's killing
but when i was form 5,i started to appreciate the time that i still student

now everything's gone
i can't meet my friends everyday to chit chat everything

now just the 1st day of freedom 
( this is what everyone called)
i kinda bored...
i feel like living without any target?

now what i can do is..
continue learning deeper and deeper korea language
try to step in japanese language
sleep as much as i can
on diet 
( i ate lots before spm)
get car license
no more?..
maybe 2 or 3 weeks later i will start work 

what a sweet time right now

seriously,i open up newspaper and see the advertisement of college
i started headache ,i don't know what subject should i take
parents keep saying it's too early worry these things because exam just over
i have to worry for 3 don't be silly
enjoy the sweet time you got right now..