Sometimes , anonymouss agak annoying kan ? tp ade some of anonymous yang baik , tnye soalan yang masuk akal , am i right ? :)

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Ask me anything

Wavin Hand to January

waving my hand to January ,2011

we are going to step in February 2011 
not very sad but kinda..
it means that Spm is nearer 

i don't have to count down 
but when i open my eyes
looking at the calender 
indirectly it just like count down for me!

February activities:
Chinese New Year
February Test
and So on..

all the activities i can remember just
these two
others i totally forget it

how many shirts you bought for  chinese new year?
firstly,i don't plan to buy many for it
cause i knew i less go out to get more "ang Pow"
i hopin this year "ang Pow" is more than last year
that is my every year wish list!

starting,i bought 4 shirts when the dates are still in 2010
after into 2011
shopping for new year is common activities
i bought the other 4 shirts when we are just planning for looking
they gave a big discount for the shirts
of course we don't make them and self sad right?XD


Friday, 28 January 2011

I Thanks to god 
make the calender goes so fast
and now it's 
a new year
Chinese New Year
a week + holiday

I am glad that Malaysia don't have 
spring,summer,fall and winter
but sometimes i do hope for

new year
new solution
the first time,i went to our activity club
which is Bowling Templin
Yes! Finally,i am in with it!
i do love bowling but because of shy,and don't have chinese there
but this year,i don't care anymore
i went there with Jiawen
both of us are very special there
*kinda Perasan*
not we are great in there
just we are the only two chinese inside the Club

we ignore this and 
attend the activity happily~!



Thursday, 20 January 2011

kinda narcissism
Yeah,It's me!
i knew it,i kinda narcissism 
but i cant stop it.

i had try my very best for thinking
someone good points,

no one are perfect. 
Yeah! it's truee
it is soo true
but it's hard to ignore the person
who i  hate so much
about her bad point
i'm not gossip about her right now
i just...
i can't see her good point AT ALL

maybe i hate too much...

i don't know!
All i know is..defeat her
in result instead of
quarrel,or fighting..

good girls don't fight 

February test nearer and nearer
can i go far away from this test?
there is no way to avoid..

i try my best to revision the subject 
that i learn in school.

i really hope to get better resultt..
i don't see my way
i know i have to study well

there is one bright way for my future
and that is my path
but i don't interested with it 
*ahem,now trying to build my interest.*

or ..
i should go on adventure with it 
full with my interest,my dream??

i am confuse,i don't know ..

Ill Visited me

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oh shit!
i think because  i don't drink water??
absolutely!i dislike drink sky juice

because :
it is colourless,no sweets
it just like drinking medicine for me..

but now
i really taste the bitterness of medicine
it's totally different with waters
indeed,water is better
but it's too late to discover it

Sore Throat,headache,fever,body pain,bone pain..
oh my god..

almost every parts of my body are pain
i knew that is the consequences of not drinking water

by the way,i still can online for writing those things..
instead of lying at the bed..

i really hope i'll recover faster. 
i'm suffering  

No more coconut tree

Friday, 14 January 2011

it's no more and no more
a coconut tree on my head.

yeah,last year it's my trade mark
i don't even want to chop down
and i didn't =)

but my hair grow longer and longer
make me lose my coconut tree

now it's turn into ...
a black fountain
(because my hair was black)
indeed,it is impossible to get silver

my school abandon to dye hair
but i think only for chinese and indian
because we show our hair

it's kinda sad for losing my coconut tree..

i don't make it fountain anymore
i make "pao" on my head

Just 17

Sunday, 9 January 2011

when we're in 7 years old
we hoping to be 17

but when we're in 17
we hope to be 7 years old

7 years old
enjoying childhood
1st time stepped into primary school,standard 1

15 years old
still in honeymoon life,the third year in secondary school form 3
we had to Faced PMR

17 years old
life full with homework,worries
last year for secondary school form 5
no more honeymoon or else
SPM just in-front of us

"when there is a will,there is the way"
i have the will,but i don't see the way..
step forward bravely without turning back.

정말 ..미쳤다..(真的疯了)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

i really thinking that i am crazy
i have nothing to do today..
feel bored to watch tv
feel bored to play games
feel bored to take photo

i have nothing to do.
i open up my sejarah book 
chapter 9 which is my teach is going discuss with us
i translate it into chinese and type in microsoft
going to print out soon

but isn't whole chapter 9
just until 9.2.

i have confident that my teacher is not going to 9.3 
this week
i giving myself to understand what is chapter 9 about.

i really hope have a book which is about form 5 Sejarah
and it is in chinese version.

have this kind book appear in bookstoree?
all is in malay version.

i wondering how the books like in keat hwa or sin min


Saturday, 1 January 2011