Good-Bye 2010 And Sweet 16

Friday, 31 December 2010

it's time to say goodbye to 2010
it gave me  sweet 16 in 2010
i met any kind of peoples,
look through much peoples
knowing more friends 
all happened in 2010
it will stay in my memory

Welcome Sweet 17 in 2011
to me
it is an important year
it will decide my way 
my future

it's time to change myself into
more mature
more understanding
more diligent
more and more things
it is my hope.

 Happy New Year

in 2010,whole world received unlucky and maybe
it's our Earth Mother Revenge to us
keep on happening natural disaster,
it's sad to heard it.

Hope all of this will End it in 2010 Only

2011 is New Year
New Hopes
New Life
New Inspiration

At the End,

Happy New Year to Everyone 

I'm Sorry

Thursday, 30 December 2010

To all my friends,

if i did/said anything make you feel annoying,
i'm sorry..

i really don't mean to hurt people's feeling
most stuff i said just kidding,no offense.
if you take it as serious,please tell me.
i will behave.

please tell me 
i need to know my weakness

and ..
I'll try my best to change..

I want to be a Brand-new Sandy Tan in 2011
different with 2010 Sandy Tan

Thank You

New Year

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year,
Forget last year words,
because it's belong to last year,

New Year,
It's Gave me a big hope
to myself
I can fulfill my dreams or cant
it's depend on myself

it's a big pressure to myself
i know,but i have to
because it's my dream.

i lose it long time ago,
i forgot what is the feeling,
i knew i'll forget my dream if i really relaxing,
i prefer pressure instead of Relax..

i hope i really can do well in this year 2011,
i believe i can do it,
if i really want to.
bears is the one who always be my side
This Winnie The Pooh it is my Birthday present 2009
 Angie Tan Gave me This Winnie Pooh,i Love it 
i appreciate it.
We were Bestie last year..
It's A simple Bear but full with FriendshipLove
 Angie Law Gave me this bear 2009 too,
both angie give bears.
photo with bears
Jia Wen tomato Give me bear too but it's 2010
haha,i love these 3 bears
Even though just simple bear,you guys gave me
but i feel your hearts.
maybe we aren't good as last year we do
but the love still remain same.

Merry Christmas Again

Friday, 24 December 2010

"Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! 
O what fun it is to ride  
In a one-horse open sleigh"

It's the end of the year again
i heard people says
prepare an apple in front of you
and wait until 
12:00 am on 25 December 
then Eat it.

you'll get a very rough year
i don't know 
it's true or just a lie

well,Wish all of you
Merry Christmas

sleep tight,and wake up in the morning
you'll get your present 
from Santa Claus

Remember go under the tree check it out your present 


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Holiday going say bye-bye to me soon 

i didn't go anywhere other than alor star

all the places i visited just one day trip

i envy all my friends have a great time in this holiday 
but i don't jealousy

i gave myself a great time too
for working at own shop
it's the first experience i work in own shop
we opened 2002
but it is the first year holiday i go for working

playing with wild dogs
i found out they are cute too
wild cats
i don't touch them before
but now
i play with them when i'm free
i have own cat in shop too 
which is Tommy 
it is a tom cat

it's sleep when we are working.
such a lazy cat.


A Big shock from my daddy.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sound Great ?
not a good surprise..

but before we attend the party,my dad was vomited blood..
we were so curious and worry " what's going to my dad?"

i didn't cry but i almost cry..
my mind keep on thinking like happened on TV Drama Series,they vomit blood and get the news that they are having 3rd cancel.. *don't watch too much Drama,..=.=

i cant even imagine what if we really lose my dad..
my dad told me in the car while we heading to KMC
he said ' Sand,If Daddy really happen anything,daddy told mummy to sold out all the things he got and bring us to vacation,spent it on our education"
(i was tryin to stop my tear coming out)
he continue..
"he wants us to live in the world happily,because without him our live still need to go on.."
( i cant stop my tears..i really afraid to lose him.)

i just replied him " daddy,it won't happen anything on you..god always be with us,you'll be fine"
actually,i really afraid to accept if really happened

We Reached KMC..
my daddy went to have a CT Scan his chest and throat ..

thanks god it's really nothing with my daddy,just Infection in his lung...



Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I prefer Ocean,because i can wear casual ..instead of swimsuit.

Ask me anything

Will A Friendship Remain Whole life time?

Will A Friendship Remain Whole life time?

Answer here

Ask me anything

Moral Folio at Xin Ning's House

         Weee.. we are showing off the bearss!!HAHAHA
*Ps: this is my favourite photo among all of the photos.

i love the bearr~!!

 ehem..i think Ning's sister might get mad to her,seriously.we ruined up her sister bed and hers..
but but but..
we have clean up too..

just worried that her sister see those photo that we ruined her bed!


Did you see the Toy Xin Ning taking? that's her sister baby..


we aren't there to play and show off that toy
we are there to do our homework MORAL

Moral Homework is the reason that we were there..

we planned it kinda long time to work it out together

since XinNing no transport and no ones can fetch so..

we turned to her house to done this jobb..

but we work around 30 minutes*hmm i  think..

then we start to taking photo as souvenir ..


started Now (without Bear at the first)

obviously,our Miss  tomato pop out her red facee againn..HAHA 
we retake again because our tomato was too late to put her style *peace xD 

Soon,XinNing took out her bear bears

some are funny,like Black monkey *ps: i don't take photo on it :'(

this is Jiawen and Mee~but Jiawen was too shy,she took away my bear...=.=

i revenge on her after she took my bearr,but no longer she hit me back and XinNing take the photo without our knowing..

PLEASE! beware of Jiawen! xD
And at the last...

 i just done 3/4 of my moral 1st Essay!! hahaha
play more than my work..

but i didn't regret xDD

i learn a lesson,don't make Jiawen Mad xD

i having a good day with them 13/12/2010

And XinNing asked me to wish

Our Nick Nick Happy birthday,she was sorry cant tell you because she cant online.

:D and Annick Birthday is on 14/12 ..which means that it's today!haha

Happy Birthday Annick,you are growing Olderr~weee xDD

I have a super-daddy

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hey,Everyone. This is my daddy who strong as superman . XD
Look!! he can bring up ladder by one finger,it's cool right??

guess what? ..

here is the secret..

actually that ladder not that heavy larr..

haha but i really proud to be super-dad's Daughter.hahaha

i still live in the dream that my dad built for me," He is Super-Dad.He can handle anything."

my dad is my idol,he has a good sense of humor
because of him our childhood full with laughter.he made us laugh non-stop.he can make everything looks funny.
he likes to give people some funny nicknames at the same it's match


the most important thing, he don't know Mandarin.
usually we used hokkien speak to him.but now,he is learning,he keep on using hokkien and straight translate into mandarin,he made us laugh all the time.

where he is,there is the place full with laughter.

I love him much more than everyone