Starwalk Ipoh 2013

Monday, 17 June 2013

yeah, imma back
i know i had left my blog to half dead blog already
Zzz. seriously i forgotten i did not updated it for quite long time already
since when?
hmmm.. i guess starwalk?

we actually went ipoh like a 3 days 2 night trip there.
we went ipoh evening and took dinner at 1st garden pasar malam
first time went there,super excited i remember. hahaa

after all, we went back klinsmann's house
 i wont forgot that night, we were just so high over there,playing around until nearly 2 and we went out for mamak because of hungry.
we were just too hungry.. !dont say we BOJIO! zz!
seriously sick with this Bojio words.
watching movie together ,revenger? i guess forgotten. hahaha it's just like in the cinema!
i like that moment very very much!

the most horrible part happened in the next day..
i woke up in 8am and unable to sleep back because it's freeezing inside there.
and i waited them until 12pm , finally klinsmann woke up!
i remember i look at him just like my savior because i was starving already!
he woke everyone up and..i dont know what we actually do,we get our Brunch at 3pm
Zzz!  it just so LOL right? because of patrickk! the culprit
while waiting for others ,we just sitting and chatting,all of us there done shower
but he don't.
he came over and all of us fought for almost an hour then only he went shower
and then choosing cloth goodness it's killing me!
ended up almost an hour waiting him.

fighting moment zzz capturd by yeemun
so basically, we can take lunch at 1pm. because of fighting 1hour and waiting him 1 hour
it become 3pm. Zzz.
it's really a memories for me. not gonna forget it !

yeah we are heading to Daorae korean restaurant!

after everything's done! yay! we went Daorae korean restaurant

fufill my dream !hahah because i saw TVXQ photos there!

they visited daorae too ^_^

it's not all of us eat together, we separated into 2 groups. so sad
                                        klinsmann, thong,nigel they went other place and eat .
so just few of us,..

korean tit-bits before meal

Korean bibimbap 

okay after lunch, we were heading to Aeon station 18, without klinsmann,nigel,thong,patrick,kokann.
Zzz they were going celebrate father's day with their family.
i missed the time to celebrate with my dad. really wish that my family was at ipoh too. obviously it's impossible .
 even we just after lunch and i admit i'm still full but Starbucks just so attractive to us!
chilling at Starbucks and munching around..

 we just bought the clothes! yay! sisters' clothes i guess?zzz
it just make me so excited to wear it together!
and we actually decided to watch movie man of steel after this walk
and promise to wear together
time fliessss~,it's just so fast ,klinsmann they finish their celebration and meet up with us
and now dinner time!

while ,discussing where to take dinner...
we;ll never forget to take photoss no matter what situation we're in !

 finally, decided. Kim Gary restaurant.
left : tinyee,me,chloe,tingtian
right :weicheang,lipsheng,klinsmann,yeemun,jensen
Group photo,sweet memories captured!
awww. one day gone ,finally starwalk is coming
just tomorrow !
16 June 2013 5:00am
we are here ! McD ipoh
i was expecting mc cafe :( but too bad we just arrive too early

we took almost an hour plus i think to finish up 7km
it just sound so far but when you're in there ,so fun and you'll feel just a short distance!

yeah, we finished 7km !
imma just soo excited when i finished 7km
so proud of it! hahahahaha

with klinsmann

with lipsheng

with da yeemun!! 

 these guys participate themselves in competition and got 9th &10th place
awesome!thousand of people in competition and they manage to get 9th and 10th it's awesome
and they just so proud of it

kok ann and patrick

with the 9th place- patrick

sometimes really cant stand it anymore. because of too happy, they just keep on SHOW OFF! Urgh!
feeling want to kill them even they really geng zzz!

after starwalk, we just went Burps & giggles
the place famous with the burgers and very nice decoration inside there.
=) we just saw the photos in instagram, and then we came!
because it just looks soo nice and special
chicken burger



chicken sausage
it taste not bad, hmm really out of my expectation.
okay here comes the photo shooting session inside there again zzz
it's not much here,to view more in facebook!
 start with the sweet couple first - Meigi and jensen with the wall art
urgh poor taking photo skill! i just looks so fat! grrr!
anyway me and meigi ,the staircase
really nice inside there 

 it comes the pattern..zzz Lipsheng 

yay! group photo in burps and giggles !
the wall art,decoration inside is really nice 

finally, now it comes to the end..
really feel so sad the times in 3 days flies soooo fast
we just really had a good time together uh
i think we are even closer to each other, really happy with all of you guys 
i really appreciated every single moment these 3 days
even starving , tired ,lack of sleep 
but we just had a good time together

after starwalk, after lunch
we were watching movie together but soon..everyone become quiet
because it just too tired and we slept!

time to back kampar
i want back friday ,the day we first reach ipoh!

the sad sad face when we reached kampar
with da yeemun! :D
we took train back's tiring and memorable

i made a new friends and even closer to other friends
really happy to know everyone of you.