ice breaking dayy

Friday, 25 May 2012

i'm in the 16 group,
when i in the group ,i just feel,gosh kill me please
my group mates they look..kinda shy to everyone?
i feel like that,and if there is a prize about the most quiet,
i think we will get it

when choosing leader,we just look at each other
and make no sound at all
when choosing volunteer same too

starting la,i think

when we started the games,our groupmate slowly talk to each other
make some friends and else

i thought all boys are like to make noisy around
maybe in kampar not like that.
but in alor star almost every camp,i attended they do make lots of noise
until the helper will ask to be quiet a little bit

i am totally different groups with my cha mou
xin ning jia wen together without me
how jealoussss am i!!

it quite good also not so bad
just change mind thinking :P

i met some new friends too,
i like talk to kelly,she's active person
and sporting i think..

just running here and there
and we got running man too!
i just run and get caught,how stupid me

there are some international student i think,aww
i wish to be friend with them actually
but i dont know how to start and so shyyyy

when i just decide want to talk to them,they gone
so sad,hmmm..

by the way,i got the certificate of participant
kinda excited to get that actually

i like the activities today

this is my cert..

by the way,today i was cycling all alone at the lakeside ,cause xinning and jiawen they slept and i didnt wake them up 6pm

first time ,i was cyclying there alone,and going everywhere that i like to turn
just simply turn here and turn there.

now,just 8 something but i really so sleepy dy
i didnt take a nap at the evening,i dont want to like an owl in the midnight ..