Friday, 8 June 2012

Family came here today,i just a little bit over excited? i think

since thursday night,we went to mamak stall ,i'm just so high
even i just got myself a normal teh tarik.

talking all some wordssss..
something going wrong with me,

i got class 9am friday,and the only class i got it
it's very proud when telling others group people about..i got no class later
and you guys got it.XXD

it's kinda fun actually,they just like..urgh i hate friday
they gonna stay till 6pm ,and i going back 11am

it's sooo different.

went friend's house,going update everything in phone
she got wifi,not under danish.
ennvvvyyy arrrrr...

the internet speed is much moreeee better than mine
unfortunately,i just downloaded 52% and family arrivee!

gotta rush back with riding my bicycle..
lucky her house not so far from mine ,or not i going exhausted

they brought lot of things for me,but dont have table lamp.
xin ning sleep so early and i cant do anythign after she slept

pity me,cant do tutorial ...XD
i'm the kind of person who like to do the works in the midnight
ahem,i not an owl or..panda?.

daddy bought me a table lamp finally,thank you daddyyy!!! haahah

my family brought lots of food,and i going finished it all.
my stomach [kembang] after i finish the food,
even hot dog,bak chang,jelly,huat kuih.

all my favourite it's here XD

they going home 6pm,it's the sad moment when i just see them going back..

hmm i started to miss my mom ,after a few hours
my family,my pets

i saw the video clips that sister recorded for me my pets
...i wish to rub belly them!.

kinda emo today,i also dont know why
maybe just over-high yesterday and morning
that makes me sooo soo soo emo at the night

the songs made my eyes goes wet,and drop some tears because of miss my family,a little bit homesick.
maybe it's not the music ..just my mood so low.

 it's very happy when family coming over here,but it's very sad when they leaving too...
my parents saw me and just said..

my skin going healthier instead of darker,is that a way of comforting me?hahaha
and a little thinner,so sad.
just a little bit..i should take dinner de!