Tuesday, 22 May 2012

finally,i knew my timetable and it's very hurt meee
i knew my timetable through that campus tour
they really taught me a lot and more understand my new campus
it's really feel much better

i remember last time,i go in that campus
and think Gosh,this is so so so big
how i gonna walk through and know these all buildings are

and today i did it
we use our leg instead of bicycle ,walk all 11 blocks in the campus

and in the morning we chase the bus
cause it's late

waiting for the second bus,it takes time
and we need to rush for the seat

we were the first bus stop and have to stop i think 5 others stop
we just sit 3 person in 2 seat,really pity those have to stand
it's really kill me,i rather bicycle there seriously

i dont like to wait the bus while i m going and back
it's feel like i have to always rush rush rush
running here and running there
gosh,i'm not in that variety show like in korea, running man
but i do love watch that show :P

tomorrow night going for the first pasar malam in kampar kinda exciting
hehehe,and the church activity
i dont really understand about it.

by the way,because of the food in kampar is too big for our tummy
me and xin ning decided to share that food,everything share
we can save up the cost at the same time,we dont waste that food
or we eat too much

seriously i am soo worry about ..eatting too much and getting fatter and fatter
so scare when my family coming here and they said,sand..you pong jor..

gosh i will go jump that drainn!

i went to bicycle shop for 4days,and we just stay here 4 days.
we went the shop EVERYDAY
and everyday different problem,i dont want to go anymore
i waste lots of money because of my bicycle

i just knew some new friend over here,from JB,Taiping,Penang,Sp.

actually we are housemate,we love gather at first floor which is the dining infront my room

we used to get our dinner there,and chit chat this and that,almost everything
kinda like partying XD

gotta sleep now,tomorrow 7 o'clock time to wake up
so so so tired,going to run run run to bus stop again

it's really different lifestyle here with my hometown

in hometown,my transportation is the car only
and here,i have chase the bus,ride the bicycle