Saturday, 30 July 2011

“Don't believe on anyone's words. They will tell sweet words and then later they come across another better person and they will just leave. At this age all love is puppy love not true love. So don't ever fall for them. Just as a friend ok but not more than that. Think of your studies and future. Your studies only can give you handle.”
this is what Jiawen told me  
 she was right.
just puppy love. 


Sunday, 24 July 2011

真心是笑話 ! 
勇氣是廢話 ! 
堅持是鬼話 ! 
忠貞是夢話 ! 
幸福是屁話 !
所以我的結論是 ... 去他媽的愛情 !!! 
copy from 偷心大圣PS男 

laziest week

Thursday, 21 July 2011

i don't know what's going on with me
i've been so lazy
everyday go school and take a long nap

teacher were mad with me
erm,i think
people counting spm trials
and make me getting lazier and lazier
maybe pressure?

kinda emo
i feel something gonna happen
but i don't know 
just feel it
i don't know what's on my mind
feeling so complicated
 i've been fooling around in class
when i'm awake
didn't even listen to teacher

met principal for our reputation
and she advised us 2 hours in the meeting room

but i..was dreaming

just a lazy week!


Monday, 18 July 2011

Folio Moral?

FOlio additional mathematics?

isn't great?nah..
people done long time ago
but i just finish it


i become like a lazy pig which like to lie on the bed
no more activities
sleep sleep sleep!

soon,having college installation
kinda excited,everyone is going
it must be so great!

i need prepare to face all those reality
with smile

i can do it!haha

what should i wish?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Let god decide whether i get PLKN or not.
if it's the fate that i have to go,
then i go without any complain
cause it's my way
i believe god will make the best way for me

nervous makes me feeling unwell
nervous don't give any benefit to me
so i don't even think about it

all i do,just follow the things that god make for me

i don't know how to decide going or not
i wish to go meanwhile i wish not
so let god decide

i'm so so so care about plkn's TOILET
if dirty,i going crazy
so i wish it's clean
i afraid of cockroach,lizard,and FROG
omg,i couldn't imagine what if i'm bathing and there's a frog
it's KILLING me

other side
u would like to get an experience that other people wouldn't have the chance such as take guns.
and healthy lifestyle with rm 150 each month
just 3 month
i guess i must be so healthy after i came back
i love to get a healthy skin
just playing and get rm 150
WORTH!so worth to me
is there have bungee?i wish there have it !

 what should i wish?


Saturday, 9 July 2011

i'm waiting for someday a guy would collect my broken heart


Friday, 8 July 2011

it's 9 of july
yellow shirt are not allowed!
or you wish to get injured

hey!can you hear winnie pooh,pikachu and tweetie crying ?
i heard it!
they all get banned by this cause they are 
YELLOW in colour.

Everyone post up to facebook do not go out for this day
i have my bm intensive class at 9 am
bless me

can i skip for my tuition on this day?

will sunday become a holiday?
i wish so


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Daddy didn't scold me about my result, so i love you .
but you just prepare rotan...

1st of july

Friday, 1 July 2011

time flew so fast
it's july

friday,we should at penang island 
but some bad news came over
ruined our journey

protest,don't wear yellow
becareful don't simply say what you want
better prepare food for this 9 july
worry will influence other state

since when malaysia become like that?
it's getting dangerous