money flewww~

Saturday, 26 May 2012

i just found out after i came kampar,i always updated my blog
i have lots of thing to write down here

i miss my family,
i am in kampar a week now
slowly will turn out to a month,yearsss

i just realised i was so blissful when i'm with family together
especially went to shopping mall
of course,this is not the main point with family
just i realised this when i'm in tesco alone

when i'm with my family
i just turn here and there,look at anything i want

just take without hesitated,i never ever let junk food walkthrough me
 or go out have a dinner
never think about what is the price ,is it okay or else

but now,i cant do like that anymore
i went tesco and look at those junk that i love
and i walk away
i just feel maybe i shouldnt waste so much money on those food that cant fill my stomach,instead.

at the end,i just empty hand going back my hostel with my sister's friend
yuxiu,and her friends

the first time i went mcD today,and having breakfast there
i forgot today was the weekend,the price is much higher than week day
i almost spend all my badjet just for the breakfast

the breakfast is like nothing for me anymore after i walk back with bicycle from campus to hostel again.
i just skipped my lunch cause the breakfast was too expensive for meeee alone money flew away....