Wednesday, 2 May 2012

plkn started today i 2nd batch and i m in the 3rd,

anyway,my best friend is in 2nd batch ,and she is going there.
*so sad,we should skyype first before you left me here,YEW IVY!

i gona miss you so so much,3 months
gosh,it so damn long.

even i tag you in facebook and you will no more reply my post anymore
cause you are in plkn having a great experience there,

argh,im jealous of you are in 2nd batch..
but nevermind,i think i will attend it after school,i guess.

there no more cancell because of education.

ivy,what if i miss to see you? you muust come out in my dream!
i just hang out one time only,the bowling ....

remember when we were skyping ,and our favourite things to do??
take the picture,talks about non-sense all the time.
 or you do your things,and i doing mine. but the phone is On.

we should watch scream4 and final destination together ,because until today i never watch it!

our records,2 hours..and something bla..

come back and we broke the record again.

anyway, enjoy the life in plkn,cause you gonna miss it when you come back
 remember story me about your life there..


regret didnt skype you yesterday.when i was online,you were offline.

i wish to see you online skype will happen but its after 3 months jor...