Pre-Celebration Mooncake festival

Friday, 28 September 2012

actually we bought the candles at pasar malam. we just going play that candles with tang lung.
kinda weird lah.
we went lakeside and some people invited us to join together precelebrate.

we just okay since we're just five and maybe more fun with more peoples

before they invite us,ning and shiying were trying to light up our source.>.<!

 they were trying to lighten up their star by using those candles
this is it! nice!.

 after that star,we trying to make a love shape.
sorry for i cant help out,i just helping take photos only!.
two love shape uh~~

 Me and Shiying ( erjie)
stand inside the love shape ,and the candles around us
very hot.

 Shiying and Ning
 Shipei and Jiawen
Lastly,they going to put Kongmingdeng.
we wrote wishes there ...
unfortunately, falls down with 20 second..

we were exciting when we saw it floating on the air..
maybe we've too much wishes to make it too heavy..

decorate it Ning's bicycle with the tanglung..

 Yellow tanglung,yellow candles also.
so sad ,.i'm not wearing yellow colour clothes.
or else,i will become like digi

"i will follow you"

i gonna end this pre-celebration with our tanglung!

my home,i miss you

Thursday, 27 September 2012

i miss my family after i came back from genting

i miss them even though we called everyday

i really feeling pressure when i taking 6subjects and F.O.D actually advise us not to take 6
cause 90% are taking sem4.
god,>.<!i'm scared.

when i told my mom about that,she just comfort going cry when i'm down and i heard her voices.
seriously,i thank you god giving me such loving family.

i miss to hug myy daddy and told him everything and what actually happening here everyday
through phone call, it seems like so hard to tell them.i just choose to silent.

i know i'm eight-teen now ,i gonna grow up
i gonna make decision,i gonna do everything by myself and not family anymore.

my mom listen my problems,and just asking me to try my best, be strong
and i have to adapt the life here.
this is the way i chose.i have no way to return .

she telling this is just a while,soon she's coming here or i'm going back there!

only texts more photos.>.<!

Genting Trip

1st weekend we went to genting highland with van (my 1st time)!
kinda excited.

everytime i went there with family,never tried taking bus ,train to anyplace.
i just too lazy to describe and upload..finally i publish it ~~
im gonna start with our group photo

our first game in theme park,actually we played this again and again several times!
love it so much,feel like flying

i dont remember what we play after the 1st game ,sorry i dont know what to called it.>,<

so childish,8 of us went inside and just to take photo

erm.not much description larh.
i dont even know what should i write here..

we wait for an hour just to watch 4-D
at last found out ,nothing gan jiong also de...
potong stim!

we are just like to take self photo,at last the foreign come and join us to take this photo!

Go-Kart Yeah!
i love it
just the speed little bit too slow actually..
like it like it!!
the pirate ship!

                                                                    queue...for ..???

futing and kaiyii

i almost throw my phone into the lake because of want to take this view.
thanks god! 

Snow World TIME!!

our group photo again after snow world with two little cuties~!
ting ting and yang yang
very cute!

>.<! dont know what to say alr.
just erm. i really enjoy this trip with them
thanks ya! friends.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

final coming and i've got no time to update it anymore
now,...sem break gonna end.

i've tried my best in final,i just hope i can pass all

when in final,my table was in a mess
full with my papers,files,etc..

finally , i got it clean when final finish
i can see my table so CLEAN!!

no idea,with my final
everyone just like asking, how's your final doing?
arughh..i dont know how to answer it.

i just ...tried my best to face it

we reached hometown 4pm!
i was listening to my music all the way from kampar to kedah
it just sooo happy to see my family AGAIN!

we just met a week ago..
parents brought us to Giant,which is very near to jiawen's house
family fetch me at jiawen's house
we just decided to have a steamboat tonight..
it just so sudden

i thought they planned,but actually not.just...suddenly

uh...everything suddenly only can do. if planned,it will screw it up !

just so happy Sem 1 final done..
coming sem 2....

Genting highlands

before final, i went genting highland.

i was wondering, anything changes in genting?
it is a lot?..i guess so!

i've forgot how many years ,i didnt go genting anymore.
i think 2 years+..

so LONG!!!

On the way ~to first world hotel

magic shows

i changed my clothes and start my day in genting highland
an obviously changes is the snow world..gods
it change into like we're in foreign country in the winter!
i didnt get in,i dont like the smell of that winter jacket.killing me!

the view from outside
theme Park!!! 
so sad,i didnt enter it.
cause i'm alone ...

theme park from resort view

 the night view ..
i got myself an ice-blended chocolate
it's my favorite

the happiest things -->> Baskin Robin
Very Berry Strawberry
daddy bought me a pint not gallon neither quart 
but i'm still loving it!

i dont have chance to play in genting this time.i was alone all the time except dinner,supper,lunch 
it's really lonely and feel weird when i'm playing alone.

so i just decided window shopping at genting...

the end.