Happy birthday moumou

Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Biidayy to my jitan moumou!

the day you broke youreggshell and you came out


good luck and all the best
remember to broke your eggshell always,cause it make you miracle
break your eggshell = break yourself records

aiya,i stole your photo from your blog
if not nice,sorry >.<

am i loser?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

i wonder am i ashame my parents?
maybe sister made them proud
she found her talent,they are proud with it
but no one ever think my feeling

when she cook,i ran away from
they scolded me for never lend a hand to sister
when i helped her
they never see it,maybe it is what i suppose to do

all i know is everything i did,in their eyes is nothing
i have no talent,my choice are wrong

daddy asked to me take account,but i dont
cause i prefer game designer

it's really hurt when they just keep on scolding on what mistake i did
never praise when i do the right thing
i dont cook but doesn't means i don't have talent.
they just show to me,telling me i'm useless

everytime heard inside their voice are really proud with my sister
and indirectly saying me useless
i acted nothing but it really don't mean i don't hurt

maybe i really useless in everyone eyes
i hate my sister
not because i felt parents love her more
she's faker
she like to pretend weak in parents eyes
pretend she's so good to me but i rejected her

she likes people praising her or always motivate her
so she pretend she's so low selfesteem
infront of me ,she acted that too
but i just agree with what she said about how bad she is
not from my mouth,is from herself

why i cant further my study in game design or photograph?
parents don't see it
they don'really care for what i done
maybe i'm so independant

i believe if one day
i do really meet same problem with my sister
they don't do it like what they done to my sister
they find lots school for her,let her choose
if it was me,trust me
they will not care as they care my sister

i am not loser
i don't have to obey what they said
cause even i follow everything they don't really take it matter

i'm so sick with listen to my daddy's story
he told me he is a listener when we need him
but when i need him,i told him
then he just story me his past
now i can memorise it very well about his past

i have show them
i see my way,that is the best way ever

How to choose?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

spending whole day time for Malaysia day
it is so boring at the middle of assembly
especially when teacher starting story us about how malaysia get independant
our legs are tired for standing almodt 2 hours
teacher are sitting on the chair,so hate it
why don't they let us sit too?
maybe we'll listen to the story,err i mean our country history
i regret to come to school when i becomme one of the student who standing almost 2 hours

finally it's the end of the story
we sand 5 times our merdeka songs
crazy,and it's very tired for always raise and waved the flag there
we repeat it 5 times

rest for just 45 minutes,we are heading to our hall
it's about university and college
they keep on promoting about their colleges
we take here and take there 
and lucky it fit in a bag

i'm so interested with Game design
but the problem here
i don't take arts or ICT

i got another way 
accountancy & finance
i don't really interested it cause it related with lots money
and i'm so careless how i'm going to be?
what if i did wrong,and i'm dead

i really don't know what should i choose 
i don't know which is better for me

i shall take accountancy & finance 
cause i'm in account class
but i just wish to have other way

i don't hate account
just prefer game design

i would spend all my time on a game 
and thinking if i am a game designer
i will design the game like this and that

when account comes
means headache on the way

how i going to choose?
it is impossible to take both
i'm going crazy if like that....


Sunday, 11 September 2011

eventually talked with my ex best friend
she were my best friend,i mean real best friend for that time 
not now anymore
we promised to each other will gonna be forever and honest 
but this friendship just maintain for a year
then we seperate it,cause of some problem had happened that time

okay,the point.
she confess to me about my ex boyfriend
i am so mad with it
not to her ,to ex boyfriend
she realised my ex boyfriend just perfunctory me instead of fall in love
i am not hurt broken anymore
i felt so not good and so embarassing 
when they talked about the past 
he is a liar for me right now

i totally agree with the poem 
he has such an quiet eyes
i felt that writer was so stupid 
she's blind until she don't know what is true and fake
but now i totally can feel it

my eyes are too small to see the truth
  i paid out my love and what i got?
just get perfunctory and kinda feel like living in his lies

once i thought he wasn't playboy,at least i believe it
cause i thought he really fall in love
and today everything exposure

the most embarasing is i hold back for 3 months
oh my god what a stupid action
it's killing me

errr...such a bad memories for me 
i just wish i can forget these,never ever remember it
so embarassing 

who is the bustard?
who is the stupid one?

i swear in my life
i'll never ever make the same mistake again

Everything are not simple by their surface

Saturday, 10 September 2011

everything happen now are so sudden
everyone will change by the times
i knew it very  very well
but i didnt go for understand it

theres happen in a group
maybe they giving her lots of chance but for me
she doesn't realize what mistake that she has done

doesnt we need to forgive and forget our friends
i kinda busy body for advising her friends to forgive her
eventhough i know it she will not appreciate this

hey there,she's not my best friends
i don't wish her pay back
cause i dont want to see my friends suffer
friendship are last longer than love
we shall appreciate the friendship that we had

we should tolerate to each other aren't we?
but now so far
i can see they don't even want to give her a chance
they can't take it anymore
i don;t know
maybe she  really make big mistake this time

she deserve to get a chance and forgiveness
yes,she change a lot
as friend,should stand beside her
encourage her,speak to her

i admit ,i don't really understand whole story
but i just thinking in simple way
now just realize it is really really complicated

the things happened in past,just let it past
even you remember it well it just will be a part of your memories
it will never ever turn back
the mistake has already done,it will be there
they only way is just forgive...

it just so so not simple as i think


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

hey,17 years old
it's time to change
it's time to be mature

solving everything with using mature way instead of
using the way like children

children are simple
when they hate someone,they would show their way
but after few mintues they forgotten everything

they don't care about the past 
when i'm 7 years old
i hate some girls but don't really hate
just don't like her attitude
but after we play together i forgot it

they showed their emotion obviously
they don't hide it like adults do

we can see through children emotion easily
but not adults
adults are complicated
they take life seriously,that's why they don't laugh as much as children do
now we are closing to it

it's time to clear the problem with mature way
friendship are not fragie like love
maybe friendship stronger
we adapt our friends style,inculsive their weakness
when they are wrong,we should point out isnt it?

if you are mad with friends,why not just tell them 
your dissatisfied about their behavior,or else

it is a better way to save your friendship
we shall give friends chance to explain it
and trust them

most people don't,they just ignore their best friends
it is so immature
maybe they are really mad 
but they still have to give their friend to explain
everyone have their way to react something
you got your way
do you ever think why she do that,
  and are you in her shoes right now?
maybe if you're in her shoes then you'll know the reason 

giving friends chance like giving yourself chance
one day,if they do like what you've done
you'll blaming them for not even give you a chance to explain it


appreciate friendship cause we have the faith to be best friends
don't let it pass easily



Friday, 2 September 2011

this coming sunday 
i gotta go to school again
i hate it
the time flew fast when holidays
i spent whole holidays with laptop,sims,novels
oh yeah,i went penang too but it just only a day

i woke up nearly afternoon everyday
i slept at dawn 

this is my holiday 
i wonder when i gonna change it

i'm so not sure with what time i gonna hit the sack tonight
maybe dawn,maybe i gotta become panda soon

i'm not sure

i love McDonald's coffee so so much
finally i get the chance to enjoy it
of course i will grab it

because of that,
it's make me feel so horrible
i went to spec shop check my eyes power 
and it spoil my mood directly

my power from 5.00 to 7.00
oh my god,i admit i looking computer for almost all the time
but it's too far
2 hundred,what i look at it?
i can't accept it
it's too far,out of my expectation
what i gonna do right now?
the power will always go up never turn back
should i throw away my laptop,and tv?
i think my parents gonna band it
they going take away all soon

maybe i should let them take it 
it's so horrible...

i kinda regret for looking laptop too much