Saturday, 30 October 2010

 11-13 Nov vacation in langkawi

First time i heading to langkawi,i am so exciting for it!
but ..

i didnt even plan the shirt,pants etc yet!

dying lar weihh!! ><

I have no idea for that thing

and i know,i going buy swimsuit at langkawi


FreeDom Dom Dom

Monday, 25 October 2010


After almost a month we had suffer being study all day long..
and now Finally ..
we get released by final examination. =)

Suddenly i feel my shoulder lighter a  lot! xD


Now i have so much of free time to play computer,ps 2,and so on ..

im sooo soo crazyy now~!haha

tomorrow we gonna return our text book,
oh,my dear text book,

im so so sad that you going leave me and make my shoulder lighter

and i so sad that not touch you anymore about tingkatan 4 books ..(Lying)

by the way..

i need to face the fact that you're leaving me ~

so i will face the world without you happily

don't ever think about me =)

thanks form 4 text books

i love you.


Freedom is with me



Lu la La La La~

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lu la la Lu la la Lu la Lu la Leh



Jason Chen --> Just A dream!

i was thinking about him, thinking about me,thinking us..

what we gonna be?

when i open my eyes,it was only just a dream .

I'm Vege

Thursday, 14 October 2010

today it is the first day my vege.i'm going eat 3 days only..

i shocked when i know vege cannot been scold and scold people

but some kind people they are just like to "cari pasal" and make her Horse face like innocent

i'm the one who so unlucky,
she sat on my table since last week ago and my table looks untidy.
what the ..??
i sat for 10 months it was nothing
how come you sit on it and it become like a shit?

you take out my table plastic and say that it is like that when u get on it?
don't think that i'm the fool,i just sit behind you

i broke my vege rules
and i scolded everything except bad words =)

i'm so regret for sympathize you

i sympathy you when you get bullied by classmate

but now,

You are deserved to get bullied.(don't misunderstand.i'm not gengster =))

what you did to my tables

i will return you back,biatch!


The First Trip and the last.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

i get shocked when i open up the star newspaper

the title with

the first trip and the last

 it's a father let his daughter went to a long jurney trip
 he rejected his 18-an daughter several times for long jurney trip
and finally,he gives her green light this year.

a phone call around 9pm.he get the news that her daughter had involve a accident
and passed away.


while i read this,i have an instinct that i might get red light instead of green light.
maybe we can go on other times not now.
we can go with car not bus..

since i told my daddy about this trip is important to me.
i get almost everyday news about bus accident
yesterday express bus had in accident too..

i feel maybe it's my fate.
i'm felt guilty to my friends 
i'm not going..

my family will worry about me
6 days.
who knows in these 6 days what will happen?
god know.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

what is today date?
haha,it's 10 /10 /10

do you know?

whole world so much people married/couple today

it's a good news!bahaha..

it's seem like on a good date,sure have much people married

i hope we have a nice day too..

but it's too bad

my school havin exam
i cant go any where to celebrate it!


i will go on after exam,

i never forget about my..
personal pan pizza~!

guys,wanna hang out after school exam?

i don't think so..

other schools have exam 'plak"

Hate larkk...

i hate my handphone so much

i hate it

why must out of credit at the most important time...


i need to have a call..

tomorrow totally 'dera'  me

i'm wrong ..

it should be ..
Final Exam is totally 'dera'  me.

*nvm *nvm

it will over ~

*crazy after add maths examination

gotta go! bye ya!

I miss you

Friday, 8 October 2010

i miss you so much.

we stopped text,since yesterday night.

my mind was out of my control..

love you,


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't Misunderstand =)

i Doesn't mean to contrary anyone else.

just i cant get what is the meaning of  E.N.E.M.I.E.S?


i don't know why you could blame anything on me.
even though i never think about it.

Please don't put the blame on me.

your prob'em is yours
forever will not be mine.

you get rejected,you hurt,you cry
but doesn't mean that i'm the culprit
who wants to make you get rejected.
i'm not the one who so emotional and just because of you
i will be happy.
nah,don't think so much,
you don't have such power to control my mood

you just simply blame on me

if you get accepted,not connect with me at all
if you get rejected,also not connnect with me anything

i know you hate me
i know everything


can you just use your mind to think about it?
did i am the culprit who made u get reject??

am i got any connecttion?

i hate you simply blame on me
i hate you broken my names
i hate you everything

 i bet you good at add math but worst at Chess

just because all the things u had done are not logic at all

i think i'm innocent.:
i didnt even interrupt anything of you


Monday, 4 October 2010

Don't ever think that you are the only one who hot tempered.
everyone have their limits
don't get over it!

U know mad .same as me
u hot tempered,does not mean i must "obey" you?

u can release your angry at me.
why cant me?
u are not my master
i'm not ur pet,servant!

u know scold bad word,
u scolded,i don't
it doesn't means i dunno

all i do,just want to remain my status?..haha

at least now i feel my status is higher than urs (perasan)
u broke it,because u have a dirty mind,full with bad words!


Just a Simple Misunderstand

u made it like the big news

it is not big deal.

that is why..

i Hate you soo muchh
i even want to hit you by my fist!
i scare you
u threat!..

i thought my hate-ness to you had decrease?
now i realise
it is increase instead of decrease!

i have my limits
i know is my fault

i know i know

at least i know.

Hate you.

Dark Sky

Sunday, 3 October 2010

it's a black day for me today..
i have a lots of thing need to solve it now
i don't want to tell everyone..

izzit that means that is my secret spaces??
i never think of i will need it ..

i thought i'm the person who will laugh always eventhough met prob'em.
but now..
i know i'm not..

I need a places let me relax..
maybe it is too tension for me??
maybe examination??
what is the problem??..

i also dunno..

i admitted..i like taylor swift's Song

Love Story

but when i heard the music start,..
my mind think of others thing
it make me moody!

when i'm going forget about this?..

i don't like the feel

i hate it..

no one will know what happened to me

i admitted i have act Emo For awhile..

i act happy..

i try to avoid the question they asked me....

my heart make me insane..
i hope tonight i will not get insomnia..

i hate the feeling that i put effort on it..
but it never get a better things..

such as examination,
that is why i never try to study while exam..

i wanted to find a place to cool down my mind
or a room full with..Novels?Games?..

i just wanted a place cool my mind..

should i speak to you ?

..who will be the listener for me??..


Just Forget it!


Friday, 1 October 2010

I think no one will like sejarah right??
haha,it is very meaningful to our country
For me
it just a book that everyday make me sleep when i'm insomnia..

i wonder how could some students they can memorize all the story ..
how they get A's so easily??

i hope to get it too
but i know i cant
just because i never put effort on it

i read my books,and finally..
i know abit~!
trust me,just A BIT BIT