say goodbye to may

Thursday, 31 May 2012

goodbyyeee May!
and heello june

i remember i came here 18th may
now it's june already
so fast uh,i miss my home

a little bit homesick here
i'm kinda tired of everyday eating
but i'm still like to cycling around

dont ask my hobby after i came here,
all my answer just, i will cycling every 6pm if i can.

may of 2012,i left my home,my family,my puppies,
urgh,i miss them so much.
getting an independant after all.
i almost eveyrday went bicycle shop in may.
i just hoping i will not visit the shop frequently in june.

31st may ,the weather in kampar it's really unpredictable
it's sunny afternoon and suddenly thunder storm
i finished my class 1pm but i going hostel 4pm
and that time it started to rain.

jiawen kinda unlucky ,parked at the chaining zone
and she got fined rm5,but xin ning paid for her first.
cause she got her class end 6pm
our campus save and security department closed 5:30pm
poor little jiawen.

we like having a cup of tea inside the office while waiting the rain stop

seriously,i hate my bicycle
it likes to come out some..out of my expectation accident

if i take all the money of maintainance,i think i can buy a new bicycle

almost spent all my money

before 10th of june ,i have to pay my rental first
or not,they going have a call to my parents already
oh my god!

it's very lol.
until now,i dont know how much should i take it as my cash and others save in the card.
i going ask my parents later.

woolala, actually my parents coming today but suddenly cancelled
cause closing date.*arghh..i forgot already!

by the way,at least my babysitter coming over here to visit me
very excited. XD
my mom gave those things that she's going give me to jiawen's mother
cause...jiawen have a very blessful family.
her family coming over her visit her again,..

 anyway,my parents coming next week! XD

oh yeah,june.
going to our 2nd week already
omg,tutorial class start next week!
i dont want it >.<
i have to go back at 6pm everyday!.
except friday 11am

dont envy me,because of friday i can go back earlier without any tutorial after 11am.

A little bit unluckkyy day

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

it's really really a little bit unlucky for me today

i had my class at 8am and my bicycle having some problem on the half way going campus
i'm forced to walk to zone D park my bicycle and walk to class
gosh,i dont know why my bicycle have so much problem
maybe it just too long never ride it like now?..
i think so

early in the morning and i already sweat like under the hot sun in 12pm
entering the class,so damn cold.
i just keep on wear my jacket and take off because behind my shirt was wet

i sent lot Sos,to my friends,senior
hoping someone end their class 10am like me.but they ended 12pm.

my mom just called my cousin and actually,i dont even recognize him anymore
we dont even i gonna know how is he looks like.

i dont know where am i,and finally i met him there
he just called up his friend that passer by to help
his friend fixed already but after he walked away,the bicycle still cant ride
maybe my bicycle dont like me uh,and dont want me to ride it .

actually he got his class 10am but he help me until 10:30am,his friend brought me back hostel ,and my bicycle stay at the zone D.
he brought to repair it and return me around evening.

feel really thankful to him actually,cause we just cousin and not so close
lucky he's there,or not i'm going walk through tar college again then to the bicycle shop again

almost a week,i appear at the bicycle shop.>.<

i just hope,bicycle please dont so problem anymore ,i am rush to school everyday
i dont want to call anybody else at same problem again.

by the way,my cousin riding the motorcycle while bring together my bicycle
and he fell down .
really really felt so sorry to him,>.<

anyway,wednesday again pasar malam!oh yeah~
we  going there evening,and we dont bring umbrella
all of us were so confident that it wont rain tonight
suddenly lighting,..then some drops of rain
gods,everyone running like hell,while our hand are full with the food
and the first time i felt lucky i stayin in 1412
cause it's quite near to pasar malam even new town

we just get a little bit wet,kinda fun
so exciting.
i never experience this before,now i know already
everytime going to pasar malam
bring along umbrella,just ignored who laughing at you sunny day and bring umbrella
cause in kampar,you couldnt know when is raining at all

so full having the japanese vegetable something
very delicious,and maybe healthy
cause all it's vegetable only

huuu..just please tomorrow dont happen the same thing again.>><!

money flewww~

Saturday, 26 May 2012

i just found out after i came kampar,i always updated my blog
i have lots of thing to write down here

i miss my family,
i am in kampar a week now
slowly will turn out to a month,yearsss

i just realised i was so blissful when i'm with family together
especially went to shopping mall
of course,this is not the main point with family
just i realised this when i'm in tesco alone

when i'm with my family
i just turn here and there,look at anything i want

just take without hesitated,i never ever let junk food walkthrough me
 or go out have a dinner
never think about what is the price ,is it okay or else

but now,i cant do like that anymore
i went tesco and look at those junk that i love
and i walk away
i just feel maybe i shouldnt waste so much money on those food that cant fill my stomach,instead.

at the end,i just empty hand going back my hostel with my sister's friend
yuxiu,and her friends

the first time i went mcD today,and having breakfast there
i forgot today was the weekend,the price is much higher than week day
i almost spend all my badjet just for the breakfast

the breakfast is like nothing for me anymore after i walk back with bicycle from campus to hostel again.
i just skipped my lunch cause the breakfast was too expensive for meeee alone money flew away....


Friday, 25 May 2012






ice breaking dayy

i'm in the 16 group,
when i in the group ,i just feel,gosh kill me please
my group mates they look..kinda shy to everyone?
i feel like that,and if there is a prize about the most quiet,
i think we will get it

when choosing leader,we just look at each other
and make no sound at all
when choosing volunteer same too

starting la,i think

when we started the games,our groupmate slowly talk to each other
make some friends and else

i thought all boys are like to make noisy around
maybe in kampar not like that.
but in alor star almost every camp,i attended they do make lots of noise
until the helper will ask to be quiet a little bit

i am totally different groups with my cha mou
xin ning jia wen together without me
how jealoussss am i!!

it quite good also not so bad
just change mind thinking :P

i met some new friends too,
i like talk to kelly,she's active person
and sporting i think..

just running here and there
and we got running man too!
i just run and get caught,how stupid me

there are some international student i think,aww
i wish to be friend with them actually
but i dont know how to start and so shyyyy

when i just decide want to talk to them,they gone
so sad,hmmm..

by the way,i got the certificate of participant
kinda excited to get that actually

i like the activities today

this is my cert..

by the way,today i was cycling all alone at the lakeside ,cause xinning and jiawen they slept and i didnt wake them up 6pm

first time ,i was cyclying there alone,and going everywhere that i like to turn
just simply turn here and turn there.

now,just 8 something but i really so sleepy dy
i didnt take a nap at the evening,i dont want to like an owl in the midnight ..


boringg talk

Thursday, 24 May 2012

the most boring talk,i ever met in this orientation i think
that something called mass call

they invited utar president
he got really a long long name,which i cant remmeber at all

i'm so so so glad,i'm just foundation student
just wonder why everytime we look at the scedule ,it's in herritage hall
but end up,in Block I

we just watching the video,thanks god
kinda enjoy it actually,we sleep and just do whatever we like
and they dont know about it

when they talked about history,gosh kill me
almost sleep,and..i curi curi slept jor
terjatuh somemore ...arr embarrassing

i hate it when open up the song,and i forced to slow down the volume
because even my friend can heard my song

next year,if im going proceed to degree
i swear i will never attend the orientation

those seniors sharing their experience with us when there happen some technical problem
much much better than the talks

today faculty talk started 10am and we go back at 4pm
we were sitting at the chair and didnt move at all
listen to the briefing,
actually kinda interesting ,the talk today.

okay that is the view when we cyclying around the lake 6-7pm
kinda like there,almost everyday i will be there :P

my friend just learn bicycle,finally we can go out together with bicycle
instead of walk here and there
kinda tired actually

hu..class started 28th may
i dont what things should i bring
different class with friend,so sad.

even tutorial group too.

>.<! it's a hard time for me starting i guess..

just hope everything will be alright

tomorrow ice breaking!oh yea
finally no talks anymore

done it.haha

7:30am start dy.@.@ so early geh..


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

finally,i knew my timetable and it's very hurt meee
i knew my timetable through that campus tour
they really taught me a lot and more understand my new campus
it's really feel much better

i remember last time,i go in that campus
and think Gosh,this is so so so big
how i gonna walk through and know these all buildings are

and today i did it
we use our leg instead of bicycle ,walk all 11 blocks in the campus

and in the morning we chase the bus
cause it's late

waiting for the second bus,it takes time
and we need to rush for the seat

we were the first bus stop and have to stop i think 5 others stop
we just sit 3 person in 2 seat,really pity those have to stand
it's really kill me,i rather bicycle there seriously

i dont like to wait the bus while i m going and back
it's feel like i have to always rush rush rush
running here and running there
gosh,i'm not in that variety show like in korea, running man
but i do love watch that show :P

tomorrow night going for the first pasar malam in kampar kinda exciting
hehehe,and the church activity
i dont really understand about it.

by the way,because of the food in kampar is too big for our tummy
me and xin ning decided to share that food,everything share
we can save up the cost at the same time,we dont waste that food
or we eat too much

seriously i am soo worry about ..eatting too much and getting fatter and fatter
so scare when my family coming here and they said, pong jor..

gosh i will go jump that drainn!

i went to bicycle shop for 4days,and we just stay here 4 days.
we went the shop EVERYDAY
and everyday different problem,i dont want to go anymore
i waste lots of money because of my bicycle

i just knew some new friend over here,from JB,Taiping,Penang,Sp.

actually we are housemate,we love gather at first floor which is the dining infront my room

we used to get our dinner there,and chit chat this and that,almost everything
kinda like partying XD

gotta sleep now,tomorrow 7 o'clock time to wake up
so so so tired,going to run run run to bus stop again

it's really different lifestyle here with my hometown

in hometown,my transportation is the car only
and here,i have chase the bus,ride the bicycle

first day of O'week

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Orientation = O week
i just learn it from my just means shortcut :P

there lots of first time actually,
first time,i wait the bus at the bus stop
first time i wait around 1 hour
gosh,i found out i kinda patient person uh.
bus stopp in westlake

the first bus stop let me wait around 1 hours there

and then went to register,just awhile
we walked back,gosh on the half way we stop the bus
arghh leg pain arrr

just having lunch in room
i spent too much money for maintainance my bicycle
i watch my money flew away

i admit i'm short,and i got a bicycle which i need taller just can ride !
shit,im 18.>.<!
xin ning taught me how to ride the bicycle which is taller than me
i got it but dont know how to stop.
ah so embarrassing.18 years old still need to teach to ride bicycle.


by the way, we met our housemate and then
we  taught that friend cycling at the night gosh
and fit it 2 person in a bicycle

is kinda fun acctually,at the night we dont have any entertainment here

just watching movies then sleep

i just felt,my bed soo comfortable
and i dont want to wake up anymoreee
i want sleep sleep sleep!

my independant day!

i just moved in this hostel yesterday,18/5/12
it's really a hard time to leave my parents,and they left here around 8pm.
after my dinner.
first time,i just waving my hand to them,watching they slowly move out my sight..
i didnt cry,but almost

i have to do everything myself,no more mom,dad,sis beside me.
i miss my puppy.aww..dont know are they waiting me to come home..
i told them before i left my home..

wake up in the early morning,for me.9am
and we decided to ride bicycle to tesco.,firs time
i ride so far,almost at noon that time with xinning and jiawen
god,jiawen sunburn because of this,seriously,
felt guilty to her.
she just accompany us go,and she got sunburn but we didnt.
mou mou soorry :(

kampar weather is so damn hot
almost everytime i go out,and come back i must take a shower
and my hair is wet from inside.

even night,i dont have to put on my blanket
it just will made me even hootter

god,xinning saw my sleeping style ,and she laughed at me
i swear i want to wake up even earlier than her!!!

maybe it's the bed,enviroment ..i dont really have a good sleep yesterday.
i miss my bed,my blanket,my room.

oh yea,yesterday i watched titanic till i slept,ah so embarrassing !
housemate are with me that time.goshhh...not gonna repeat again this time'
later gooing watch again..

parents talk me several time,seems like they really worry about me..
i think i will be alright ,i think.
today just first day,i spend almost rm100 for things.


Thursday, 17 May 2012









幸福· ^^

Monday, 14 May 2012

突然觉得 5月18号,来得好快 好像坐rocket酱..

买了好多好多东西,衣服啊日常用品啊 一大堆





daddy 啊,最让我担心了
因为都是话中有话,每次都是weird weird 的
我最爱听 他的辉煌故事听了又听,其实他不知道重点不是他的故事 而是看到他在说他的故事时他的心情, 他的语气,他的表情


start packing thingss

Sunday, 13 May 2012

i think i bought almost everything.except food.

i started pack my clothes , and i pick this shirt that shirt
and put into my bag,it boom out my bag

and i realize i took almost all my wadrobe clothes into my bag
gosh, should i bring so many clothes there?

i only wash once a week,means i have to prepare minimum 10 clothes?
 feeling so hard to pack things,i cant leave my tvxq album here
i might miss to watch that album

but if i bring it there,where should i put?

hmm,only the clothes i got 2 boxes dy.

i really cant imagine how many boxes will i bring to kampar on this friday

i didnt even pack my bags,shoes,and those shampoo
and and the laptop,book,ironer,hanger..

i worry i might bring too much and be like a freak at there

at the same time,i scare forgot bring something.
and i have to come back then go back again..

i heard some rumours that kampar line isn't so good as i know
i started worry now,if i cant online
how i get to know lastest news of tvxq? Pps T.T

i know sure i will miss my wireless,it is so smooth and cool.i think it will better than the line in kampar.

everyone met me,and asked me where to go.when they heard utar.
they will start advise me for must study hard there,becareful,the exam is hard to get pass...

btw it's mothers' day today,we didnt celebrate anything
and my mom went bed so early,9pm she slept...

lucky i already told her i love her before she went sleep :P

hoping i wont forgot anything to bring ...

happy mothers' day <3


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

plkn started today i 2nd batch and i m in the 3rd,

anyway,my best friend is in 2nd batch ,and she is going there.
*so sad,we should skyype first before you left me here,YEW IVY!

i gona miss you so so much,3 months
gosh,it so damn long.

even i tag you in facebook and you will no more reply my post anymore
cause you are in plkn having a great experience there,

argh,im jealous of you are in 2nd batch..
but nevermind,i think i will attend it after school,i guess.

there no more cancell because of education.

ivy,what if i miss to see you? you muust come out in my dream!
i just hang out one time only,the bowling ....

remember when we were skyping ,and our favourite things to do??
take the picture,talks about non-sense all the time.
 or you do your things,and i doing mine. but the phone is On.

we should watch scream4 and final destination together ,because until today i never watch it!

our records,2 hours..and something bla..

come back and we broke the record again.

anyway, enjoy the life in plkn,cause you gonna miss it when you come back
 remember story me about your life there..


regret didnt skype you yesterday.when i was online,you were offline.

i wish to see you online skype will happen but its after 3 months jor...