A little bit unluckkyy day

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

it's really really a little bit unlucky for me today

i had my class at 8am and my bicycle having some problem on the half way going campus
i'm forced to walk to zone D park my bicycle and walk to class
gosh,i dont know why my bicycle have so much problem
maybe it just too long never ride it like now?..
i think so

early in the morning and i already sweat like under the hot sun in 12pm
entering the class,so damn cold.
i just keep on wear my jacket and take off because behind my shirt was wet

i sent lot Sos,to my friends,senior
hoping someone end their class 10am like me.but they ended 12pm.

my mom just called my cousin and actually,i dont even recognize him anymore
we dont even talk.how i gonna know how is he looks like.

i dont know where am i,and finally i met him there
he just called up his friend that passer by to help
his friend fixed already but after he walked away,the bicycle still cant ride
maybe my bicycle dont like me uh,and dont want me to ride it .

actually he got his class 10am but he help me until 10:30am,his friend brought me back hostel ,and my bicycle stay at the zone D.
he brought to repair it and return me around evening.

feel really thankful to him actually,cause we just cousin and not so close
lucky he's there,or not i'm going walk through tar college again then to the bicycle shop again

almost a week,i appear at the bicycle shop.>.<

i just hope,bicycle please dont so problem anymore ,i am rush to school everyday
i dont want to call anybody else at same problem again.

by the way,my cousin riding the motorcycle while bring together my bicycle
and he fell down .
really really felt so sorry to him,>.<

anyway,wednesday again pasar malam!oh yeah~
we  going there evening,and we dont bring umbrella
all of us were so confident that it wont rain tonight
suddenly lighting,..then some drops of rain
gods,everyone running like hell,while our hand are full with the food
and the first time i felt lucky i stayin in 1412
cause it's quite near to pasar malam even new town

we just get a little bit wet,kinda fun
so exciting.
i never experience this before,now i know already
everytime going to pasar malam
bring along umbrella,just ignored who laughing at you sunny day and bring umbrella
cause in kampar,you couldnt know when is raining at all

so full having the japanese vegetable something
very delicious,and maybe healthy
cause all it's vegetable only

huuu..just please tomorrow dont happen the same thing again.>><!