New Year 2013 !

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hey GUYS! 
PS : it will be a long post here.
Hee :3
Happy New year guys! i know it's super duper and even hyper LATE !
the moment i met my cousin (Megan) , we looking at each other and SHOUT
god,it's late night when we met!
the second things, SNAP !
seriously we knew we still have a lot of time ,but unable to control 
we took lots of epic photo,but i wont upload here.
it's killing me i uploaded.

the first day of new year, we went butterworth 
this is just so out of our schedule
normally, the first day we will stay at home and wait for cousin come
but not this year.
that why finally  i met megan late night. 

                                           My lunch. it's really different with other years >.<
not showing off,and even i want it is just nothing to be shown LOL
by the way, we just pass through a day rapidly in penang 
Check out this Babyy !
 i dont know him, he should be my cousin
i think.
 It just SOO cute ! isn't it?

i love him! hahaha it just so cute !
and and he like to smile 
sometimes act cute? or maybe he dont actually!

Mommy's side Cousin 

The second day of new year, we went Jitra to visit our grandpa
and before we go, the time with megan ..we camwhore again?'s like whenever we go, anytime as long as we are free then it's start already.