boringg talk

Thursday, 24 May 2012

the most boring talk,i ever met in this orientation i think
that something called mass call

they invited utar president
he got really a long long name,which i cant remmeber at all

i'm so so so glad,i'm just foundation student
just wonder why everytime we look at the scedule ,it's in herritage hall
but end up,in Block I

we just watching the video,thanks god
kinda enjoy it actually,we sleep and just do whatever we like
and they dont know about it

when they talked about history,gosh kill me
almost sleep,and..i curi curi slept jor
terjatuh somemore ...arr embarrassing

i hate it when open up the song,and i forced to slow down the volume
because even my friend can heard my song

next year,if im going proceed to degree
i swear i will never attend the orientation

those seniors sharing their experience with us when there happen some technical problem
much much better than the talks

today faculty talk started 10am and we go back at 4pm
we were sitting at the chair and didnt move at all
listen to the briefing,
actually kinda interesting ,the talk today.

okay that is the view when we cyclying around the lake 6-7pm
kinda like there,almost everyday i will be there :P

my friend just learn bicycle,finally we can go out together with bicycle
instead of walk here and there
kinda tired actually

hu..class started 28th may
i dont what things should i bring
different class with friend,so sad.

even tutorial group too.

>.<! it's a hard time for me starting i guess..

just hope everything will be alright

tomorrow ice breaking!oh yea
finally no talks anymore

done it.haha

7:30am start dy.@.@ so early geh..