Big Bad wolf is in Ipoh!

Monday, 28 July 2014

when you found out big bad wolf just within 50km with you, and you gonna crazy about it..
i took a public bus with my friend to ipoh, then the other friend came over and brought us there!!
that is awesome! , i was excited to went there
since i want to buy a lot of books, but seriously, maybe it's the last day..
everything just out of stock..Duh..
kinda disappointed ,and regret for i already used up my book voucher..
i could go to kl ,book fest
next year, im going therree!!
Matthew brought to visit wall art within 5mins we get to visit it all

it's too much tourist there and we kinda lazy to go out walk to find the wall art.
hahaha since our mainpoint is not the wall art..

it;s okay big bad wolf dont have the books i want, i change my target to Aeon station 18 popular!
and i managed to get one of a book,i want in discount price! YESH!

Besides, Starbucks announced new seasonal flavor for frappe, which is Tiramisu Frappe
and im gonna try it!!
by the way,the frapp taste really nice!

we're heading back kampar in the afternoon after we got everything we want..

this is the first time i went big bad wolf, time im will going at the first day!!
thank you matthew and tinyee accompany me to big bad wolf and aeon station18!
anyway just a short update for my blog. if there's gammar mistake or anything, im sorry. :)