totally don't get it

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

i really really wonder why
everyone related with love love love

if you fell so hard why couldn't you just stand up?
instead of sitting there and crying
no ones will help you

everyone around me so loyatly
they broke up ,and they can hold it for so long
it's that just called LOVE?

if you have crush on a girl
and that girl don't even get it
just forget it
there's impossible to happen anythingbetween you and her
because she don't have any special feeling towards you
maybe you believe in one sight love,and you fall in love
but does she too?

if you broke up with your love 
then it means its time to get off in her life
but he didn't ,
he felt guilty....

he told me he get the girl in trouble
erhem i didnt ask really deep in
he really regret for what he did
and it's not over yet between he and she
i just wonder,why he don't get her back?
he said it's not over yet
since it's not over,he should try to get her back

if he don't really get her back,and why not just let it pass
regret would turn anything ? no,never ever 
the only way just swear for never did the same thing
because you knew the consequences

maybe someday he will chase her back
or maybe someday he will get a new life
all i wish just he get a better life

good luck,boys!

i don't like boys/girls acted so loyal after broke up with bf/gf
they don't appraciate that relationship and why they acted to loyal?
it's so fake
if the love gone,let it gone
cause it will never turn up again
you should blame yourself for shut it down...

who will i be?

watched again & again camp rock,i love it so much!
i started to think who will i be?
there's so many way to choose,who i gonna be?
everytime i watch camp rock,i just feeling motivated
i want to study hard,to choose right path
it feel so good

i can reach any dreams,i know it well.
it's my life,everythings on my hand,
but is now the time for me reach the dream?
i guess not,now it's time to study hard 

no ones know what will gonna happen in my future
so there's never ending posibilities would happen to make my dream come true

i promised myself i gonna make the future what i wanna be
i gonna try everything to reach my dream

i can do it cause is my life

the movie really motivated me,and i love the song
who will i be-demi lovato
it's so meaning for me

the day in penang

the first day of raya 
we ran away from kedah to penang

perhaps we don't like the raya feel?
not really,just wanna go relax

mummy shop full with clothes
everyone so excited with their raya 
and they bring lots of clothes to wash
i've been there help out too
before raya,rainning non-stop
no sun no dry clothes
so they have to bring wash at dobi shop
or some just need dryer
it's super busy,
like a working bee,walking here and there
but i like it 

went to penang for whole day
but we reach there 2pm
having lunch at my favourite japanese restaurant
i love the food there much much much

hey! sunway carnival not really fun
i don't even buy a clothes
there's nothing for me
they don't have Games shop
at least i didnt saw it 

they don't have baskin robin
but just new zealand natural
i still prefer baskin robin

shop for 4 hours with cousin
i love the moment there
it've been so long 
i never see my counsin,which Study at KL
i miss her much

i saw a guy who played piano at the entrance of sunway carnival
it's so cool!
everyone standing there never move just to enjoy the music

4hours walkin,my leg cramp

i wish to take the bus go to penang
but i think my mummy wouldn't let
she's worry
one bus driver have to take care almost 45 passengers

my cousin going back to kl soon
when we gonna meet again?

oh yeah,we met another cousin too
she's so cute in sushi king's uniform
we never expect to meet her there
it's too bad for she's in working time 
she cant shop with us

did i ever mention one of my cousin is boy?
i think no
he shopped with us too
the first time i met a boy would spend time shopping with cousin
he's good cousin


Saturday, 27 August 2011

i sent her a message about what i think about her
maybe it's hurt her
i wish not,i ask her everything
and she explained

thanks god it's just misunderstanding her
now only i remember
her boyfriend don't trust at her
i totally forgotten this point!
even she hang out with us,her boyfriend still have a little bit worry
he don't really put trust on her
this not her fault

she tried to make her boyfriend trust her while she have pretend she's not couple
infront of her family
kinda tired
i don't have lovers,so i can't understand her feeling at all

so everytime she hang out with us ,she tried ask her boyfriend along
just to let him trust her

now i just wish i didn't hurt her
it's stupid action for blaming her about it
feel really sorry to her


Friday, 26 August 2011

i just feel my best friends she's using us to date with her boyfriend
maybe i'm over sensitive
when she sent me messages about they day we hangout
i really feel it
i just really wish it's just my prejudice

she said sunday her brother will be there,so she will not go because
she can't date there
does she ever just hang out with us instead of date with her boyfriend?
kinda disappointed.

maybe i put friendship in the important position
and it's become too important
just so unblievable what my mind thinking..

she is really a good good friend
i don't want to lost it
we are 5 in a group
which we called as..‘chamou'?
it's translated from cantonese
starting we call zharbor,then upgrade it into chamou
isn't creative?haha

if there is a thing will happen to be forever
i wish its family and friendship


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

i promised some friends to show them how they look if they
have a hair cut
i made it sims2
she wants to cut and make it curl 

What the hell
i cant see the hair at all!
short curl hair
it's so dificult for sim2 ?

my sims2 only long straight / curl hair i going to post to her?

oh yeah,trials DONE!
it just so excited when finish
i planned to make some love story for my sims2

soon,i will post up!
let's see my latest sims2


Monday, 22 August 2011

it's going to be last day trials
i'm having great mood with last exam but at same
it's worry about add math

i couldn't reach 40 even i try my best
uh,maybe not enough effort

nevermind,last day!
and a week holiday for me to play sims2!
girls are stupid,
boys doesn't worth for their love,and loyalty
they knew it,but they still holding on

it's stupid,they gonna end up their life with this stupid mistake

she's thinking of what she going to do next step,she fell in love with her sister boyfriend
she's emo recently..

a big shock

Friday, 19 August 2011

i just receive a news bring with a big shock 
the dog in my mom shop 
was dead for almost a month ago..

it's a big big shock
i remember how it's look at me when its need sayang
i sat down,it come and sit beside me
i rub it belly
it's so cute
is that its destiny?

it dead by an accident
which bustard car killed it?
we wondered for a long time
we didnt see it,and now will never see it again..
maybe now it stay in heaven..
we called it ‘black mouth’
because it's mouth black
a clever dog,listen to people order
never even woff at stranger,but it's a strange dog

all i wish just R.I.P..
i missed it..

a moment like this

Thursday, 18 August 2011

china sims player create this girl
she looks soo nice
and they create eye shadow,lips,hair,clothes,and so on
they just so awesome,i addicted to sims2 again
because of it,i downloaded those things
but i have no chance to play,cause it's wrong time to play
but soon i gonna play it
i wish to have chance create it like them too
i will create my friends idol,to make them addicted as i do

left 3 days

oh yeah,
trials going end soon
left 3 days!
oh yeah.
love it

but principle are very kind
she asked us to go school to kacau whose taking physic and art
go school for nothing 
the last two days
i will go wednesday either thursday only
it's tiring

excited for trials finish


be strong,=)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011





‘ 我是强者,我是胜利者!

don't look down on SMILE

Smile through every problem, 
smile through every pain, 
smile through every hater.
That smile will make your life better

about you,friends

 it passed 4 days 
finally and soon will end

tomorrow science
it's killing me,i don't even study yet
i don't like science

if the person who really love you,he/she will come back without you drop your tears
accept the fact when he leaves you and he will never turn back

i read friends' blog,they cried for boys
do everything for boys
they are not stupid,they just really love

i can see my shadow there,once i did the same way
i woke up ,and i wish they will too

she cried,and waiting that boy for 3 months 
and he came back,broke up
if the love there,it will never show break up
and he didnt even wants to see her
it's show he doesn't love her anymore

but she insist to wait,she believes someday he will come back

this isnt true love
just puppy love,don't worth anything
she remember all those words that boy told her
she cried again..
that boy promised her and he broke it

there's no value anymore,
boys words don't worth for girls to remember it
they just use it when it's good times
they don't mean it

i wish she will wake up soon,it's time to decide her future
the last chance,and never have second chance like our trials essay

Birthday fall on trials

Monday, 15 August 2011

it's xinning birthday today
we still continue our plan to celebrate for her 
even 7:50am we are going to fight with those papers 

feeling so bad to XinNing 
recently,i don't save money as well
and have no present to give her
perhaps i going to keep weight and save money
i addicted to sims2 AGAIN
i learn to create mesh,and try to change the colour or styles
evennthough i failed but doesn't means i going give up

problems here;trials now 
and i addicting with sims2


it's trials now
but i still having some good time to online
i also don't know why

even i just open up facebook for NOTHING
but i still do it
it's my routine

tomorrow is the hardest subject for me
history paper 2,and moral

god,i wish you will bless me
i'm trying my best right after i finish blog
to study 
maybe tonight i stay up for little history 

build up interest in history
it's the EASIEST way to get high marks in it


Saturday, 6 August 2011


went to penang whole day
forgot science tuition
then skip account tuition

i'm not skipping actually,i don't mean it
but i just came back too late
it's start 1 hour plus!

bought tiramisu cake 
17 years,the first time i bought other flavor cake except chocolate
almost every years,my cake were chocolate cake!

i do love chocolate much


Friday, 5 August 2011




Tuesday, 2 August 2011

半情歌 - 元若蓝
花 接受凋零
风 接受追寻
心的伤还有一些 不要紧
你的明天 有多快乐 不是我的
时间把习惯换了 伤口愈合
你的祝福 一半甜的 一半苦的
我只能唱著 一半的歌
你的明天 有多快乐 不是我的
时间把习惯换了 伤口愈合
你的祝福 一半甜的 一半苦的
我只能唱著 一半的歌
我的明天 快不快乐 都是我的
时间把习惯换了 伤口愈合
你的祝福 一半甜的 一半苦的

time flew so fast

Monday, 1 August 2011

it's august 
trials coming
and i'm still here!

1st august i'm sick
ate too much chocolate without drink waters
i think i had planned to get sick

gonna tuition soon
aih,so worry my result 

i tell myself everything will be fine

yes,i can do it!