Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hey Friends, Follow My New bloggg in Dayre!

Dayre is an application that broke the long long blog into bite-size pieces
it's kinda fun,not bad for me uh!
at least i can update it anytime through my phoneee

sometimes is really lazy to blog, cause there too long and many things to be shared
but dayre got those stickers thingy that could describe my mood and anything!

Always keep the faith

Happy new year 2014! 
TVXQ just passed 10th anniversary that day and it's going to 8-9 years that i've been your Cassiopeia!
and STILL i am! 

 nothing's gonna stop me to continue like TVXQ!
no one could replaced them anymore.

i will still keep the faith .
i believe it's not so easy to broke almost 10 years friendship.

i know , it may takes timeeee and i think it's going to be very lonnggg
but i dont caree!
i know you guys will come back as one!

it has been almost 4 years i think, JYJ and TVXQ!
they aren't broke into 2 team! JYJ is IN Tvxq !

Shinhwa happened exactly same thing like TVXQ, and look!
now they're TOGETHER as one!

so.. TVXQ will gonna gather as one soon!

Cassiopeia always! 
What i like is the  TVXQ that  5 in 1.