ouch,it's hurt

Thursday, 29 March 2012

did i put on effort to get As in my SPM? yes,i really did

i tried my best,memorize all those words,sentences

and i just got  B.

kinda disappointed and feel guilty to teacher who taught me.
but i really hate it compare with other people.

hey,i am sandy tan.
i am myself,i am not born be like anyone of them
dont take meand compare it.

she get A? that's her problem.
not even a lil bits of mine

i hate it.

who dont want to get A in all subjects?
and especially the subject you like.

you never see how much effort i put into it and just say it like
i didnt even try?

if you didn't saw it,just shut up your mouth.

if you saw it,then why you compare it?you should know how much i want to get A in this subject.

i looks nothing,because i accept it this is what should i get.

dont simply judge me.

time to choose the right way

Friday, 23 March 2012

before i got my result,all i wish just can get into a college
but after i got it,it's more complicated than i think

i dont know what subject should i take
ii dont know what subject i am really interested

now everything just I Dont Know.

all i know is just i will get into business studies

i need someone to give me advise ,instead of keep on asking about my opinion

form 6??? LCCI?? private college??

now i dont even have a time to think about it

i scared of account,it's lots of numbers

someone told me,i am more suitable and better in business management
this really made me doubt

LCCI is a global accepted qualification
and Diploma in accounting?
omg,what it is!
my sister told me,LCCi means you are going to be accountant
it's different with diploma.
if after diploma when we going to degree ,we have to choose our specified subject.
yeah,i want to specified in taxation

this is what i want,i know it well

then what about form 6? i really scare failed in my STPM and i going to use my SPM result
get into private college ,and just DIPLOMA in accounting,instead of degree.
i dont want to waste it half and a year inside a college

form 6 is same like foundation
form 6 just a path to government university
it's really okay with it if i can get into government university but ..what if i cant?

this most important time now,i need advise.
going back to school and ask for teacher advise
hope can help me out.

i just keep on applying those private college..


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

i am just soo high right now

i dont wish to get straight A's or even a A

just passed all,and get 5 credits to apply college

i keep on praying to gods please just let me get 5 credits
10am sharp at school waiting in the hall

our cutest principal gave us a speech that SPM 2011 broke the record again
it's feeling so good

when i get my result..omg
i shouted,infront of my teacher and my friends
almost cry,really cant believe it

i never think about to get A ,i swear
just want to pass it all subjects and get 5 credits
that is really enough for myself

really satisfied with this result
i tried my best,even maybe it's just average result for others
but i am just so happy with it!

first time wake up in the morning 6am
i try to take a nap again and it's just 7am

i really feel why the time become soo slow,like a tortoise

finally i can have a good night sleep :P

skyping with you,Yew ivy

Saturday, 17 March 2012

hee,we chatting through skype
and the first time we broke our records
it's 2 hours 20 minutes and 4 seconds

she not only broke our records and also my records
the longest time ever i've been talk in skype

it's really excited when we found out the time is going 2 hours
actually we just aim for 2 hours
while we talking,we forgot about the times

we talk everything,just like every best friend do
about work,salary (for everyone favourite question)
about work problem,peoples attitude,we even share lots of quotes
there are good but when those quotes we read sounds funny
at last we finally talk about our future way

what course i am going taking and what about you,
whaat is the difference between this and that?
we just talk,and everything

we know each other for over 4 years,right?err

we are not closed like ..twins
we just normal but we still care about each other

she got her friend to join ,same goes with mine
but sometimes we still gather,and heart talk :P


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

9 march 2012 changmin's grandma dead
14 march 2012 yuchun's daddy dead

and jaejoong's mother stayed in hospital
what's going on this month..
it's feel like sooo unlucky this month

mostly korean stars they went to yuchun's father funeral
to show their condolence
i very curious about..

will currently tvxq going?
i mean changmin and yunho,i guess even they want to attend it but
SM wont let them go..

i wish so.
what are their feeling right now?
theres no way to say that they didnt know about it

JYJ just finished their concert at chile and peru
yuchun cried and fever

what is yunho and changmin thinking right now?

28th march,i heard some rumours about something JYJ or TVXQ giving cassiopeia surprise?

is it means that they are will meet up after finished the contract with SM?
i believe in tvxq will same like shinhwa


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

just i dont want to sleep
i also dont know the reason  

after wait IVY for 3 hours
just because of her after 10pm,i started wait her 9pm
i talked to my friends in skype around 1 hours
and keep on waiting for her ONLY!

i promise myself next time she tell me again after 10pm
dont wait anymore,just online 12am
everything ok!

hoping everything is okay tomorrow

only work half day until 1pm
then straight to alor star mall,for movies!
John Carter
this is the first movie ever since i work.
quite excited but headache
what should i wear?

i like to wear casual,just normal T,and jeans

i want to drive there,and daddy sit beside me
i am not so sure whether he is ok or not

i didnt touch that car for looonggg time agoo
everytime i telling daddy i going drive today after this & that
and then later.. sure.. raining..

i miss it soo much but i scared scold by daddy again
i dont know how to stop it..:(


Monday, 12 March 2012

刚刚去观看了SM 的新男子团体

看到bigbang,这么久了并没有发生什么事 真的希望他们是同一家的





我去听了EXO-K 和 EXO-M 的 history

bigbang - tell me goodbye 和blue


早  知  道    你 只  是  飞  鸟
拥   抱  後    手   中    只  剩    下    羽 毛
当   初  你 又  何 必 浪   费
那 麽 多  咖 啡  和 玫  瑰    来  打 扰

我 想   要    安 静   的 思 考
天   平   上      让   爱 恨  不 再    动   摇
一 想    你 就  平   衡   不 了
我 关   灯   还  是  关   不 掉     这  风   暴
心  一 跳     爱 就  开  始  煎   熬
每  一 分    每  一 秒
火  在  烧     烧   成    灰  有  多  好
叫   思 念     不 要  吵
我 相    信  我 已 经   快   要
快   要  把 你 忘   掉
跟  寂 寞     再  和 好

得 不 到    也 不 要  乞 讨
怎  麽 做    不 需 要  别  人
转    告    在  陷   的 太  深   的 海  底
我 也 只  剩    下  我 自 己   能   依 靠

心  一 跳     爱 就  开  始  煎   熬
每  一 分    每  一 秒
火  在  烧     烧   成    灰  有  多  好
叫   思 念     不 要  吵
我 相    信  我 已 经   快   要
快   要  把 你 忘   掉
跟  寂 寞   再  和 好

我 相    信  我 已 经   快   要
是  真   的 我 快   要
快   要  可 以 微  笑
去 面   对    下  一 个   拥   抱


make up

Friday, 9 March 2012

i think i need to learn how make upp
it;s the time now..

i want to make up too
but i dont know at all
no technique..

i feel my heart pain when i am going buy those make up stuff
such a waste for me..><

what should i do?

i have a small eyes,given by god.i proud with it
even the dust cant get into my eyes

but now i want to change it.
what is the things i should buy? for the new learner...

ghost adventure

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

did you guys watch ghost adventure every wednesday 8pm ntv7
oh my god,zak bagan is soo cool

he never believe in ghost,so he went to almost every haunted places
just to capture those thingss

sometimes,we can hear they are saying somethings clearly
or they used to take somethings hit zak bagans or nick or aaron

they trying to communicate with the ghost,by using recorder

he is so cool,brave.

they went to haunted places at night,and lock themselves inside that haunted house


Thursday, 1 March 2012

the first time skype with japanese friend -- Risa

oh my god,i am so shyy...
haha,very nervous and i have no idea what to say

i am trying to speak in japanese but i just realise i forgot everything ..
i just keep on..bokuwa...bokuwa.. and i only remember korean...

i am going to learn japanese ! i am serious

really very happy skype with her
even though  we just microphone to talking
ah,i wish to webcam with her

she is a good friend =)
she taught me a little bit in japanese heehee
i think we have a good time right?haha we talk for almost 40 minsss
she is suchh a cutee girl
kawaiii komudachi,i think?haha :P

and soon we going to meet
march 15 i think,,

if she can stay my house,that is perfect!
we can watch tohoshinki together

i asking my parents to allow me go japan find them,they doubt..
it's true ,first time i am going to other country and i am alone
without parents beside me.TT

i really hope they will allow me go osaka.

i really scare skype ,its really shy when going to speak or open the webcam
like..dont know what to say .. and i can feel my face it's hot!

oh my god..><