my independant day!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

i just moved in this hostel yesterday,18/5/12
it's really a hard time to leave my parents,and they left here around 8pm.
after my dinner.
first time,i just waving my hand to them,watching they slowly move out my sight..
i didnt cry,but almost

i have to do everything myself,no more mom,dad,sis beside me.
i miss my puppy.aww..dont know are they waiting me to come home..
i told them before i left my home..

wake up in the early morning,for me.9am
and we decided to ride bicycle to tesco.,firs time
i ride so far,almost at noon that time with xinning and jiawen
god,jiawen sunburn because of this,seriously,
felt guilty to her.
she just accompany us go,and she got sunburn but we didnt.
mou mou soorry :(

kampar weather is so damn hot
almost everytime i go out,and come back i must take a shower
and my hair is wet from inside.

even night,i dont have to put on my blanket
it just will made me even hootter

god,xinning saw my sleeping style ,and she laughed at me
i swear i want to wake up even earlier than her!!!

maybe it's the bed,enviroment ..i dont really have a good sleep yesterday.
i miss my bed,my blanket,my room.

oh yea,yesterday i watched titanic till i slept,ah so embarrassing !
housemate are with me that time.goshhh...not gonna repeat again this time'
later gooing watch again..

parents talk me several time,seems like they really worry about me..
i think i will be alright ,i think.
today just first day,i spend almost rm100 for things.