First time bbQ!

Friday, 27 July 2012

now only i know i always thought i already updated my blog last week about utar run,but actually i didnt post up it ==
crazy ar,so long jor..

everyday busy about the assignments,midterm .finally we got a week without test~and i forgotten to updated.
now even forgot when it is utar run already.

the first time i join the bbq party,actually is held by our friend
just for our tutorial group.
first time leh,i prepared the ingredients with them,and light the fire up.
very excited.

wednesday we went to tesco and buy the ingredients
i dont know what should we buy and what we needs
but now i know jor :PP

when i speak, about buy too much they just like u held before meh bbq?
i just ..shaking my hand. nope.>.<~
 Futing fetched us to McD and lakeside  do something very important in the bbq
we cant held bbq if without it...XD

6pm i go help them at friend house,light the fire
and i use the newspaper that we use it for our critical thinking presentation to make the charcoal hot.
stupid me. my group members was there and said i am the backstabber inside the group =='

very funny, and i am one of the chef at the bbq
first time leh,everything first time.
just a learner.

really happened team work when we're bbq
helping each other, and we shared the same food even she ate half of it but we just eat nia~ and wanted someone to feed us XD

then come out BO JIO whenever they feed others and not us XD

after  our bbq party, we just come some idea to play truth or dare
and last became only Dare!
 Gods,crazy things coming out when we playing only dare

the photos can never upload to facebook,or not we gonna die
as Miao xian favourite -- YOU WILL DIE.

back almost 1am, very fun
very glad to know everyone of them.
thanks guys giving me suchh good memories

first time my bbq party habis jor.

2nd Utar RUN!

oh yeah,finally today utar run
i'm one of the helper there,technical.

4am i woke up,and i just like taking a 5 minutes nap
and my alarm clock bising me

so crazy, first time having the earliest breakfast 5:30am
just sandwichhes,after i ate my sandwiches i felt even more hungry than i never take breakfast.

 when 5 something early in the morning~

we started 6 something a.m. i think..
dont care larh,just keep on bising here and there

i am the cert giver of utar female.

the first winner came back after  30-40mints ,12km
is he FLYING instead of run?
he even faster than i cycle to campus
.....i'm too slow for it obviously.

we shouting like we won when the winner coming back..
no voice for the next day >.<~
i just tell everyone dont ever talk to me! i have no voice to speak anymore~

we going back at 11am so early ,seriously out of our expectationn
after return to hostel,we just realize we back too early jor,and dont even get our certificate!

i like being utar run helper,it's very fun, very siao =.=
gain experienced ,
i want to join others even as helper!

Famous Word - THOR!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

seriously,THOR suddenly so famous in facebook
almost everypost there is about THOR

it always make me so hard nnot to share it
it's too funny..

seriously,how they so CREATIVE??!

pua thor?
so damn funny

wee~ tomorrow UTAR run!
i'm one of the helper :P

so excited!
but i'm not going to sleep early eventhough i have to wake up
in the early morning 4am ! goshhH!
having breakfast 5 something...
so cool uh? XD

my bo jio mates

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

left : Me, Kaiyii, Wan chyn, Shiwen
 my BO JIO mates!
i dont know why suddenly i'm so obsessed with saying Bo Jio
eventhough it's quite outdated already and the latest as i concern iss thor?
urgh..too bad i dont know how to use it

bo jio much better for me
most of my tutorial groupp mates becoming my bo jio mates
everyday we saw each other ,we never say hi. just point and shout BO JIO
whatever we do,BO jiO!even late in the class or do wrong else
everything BO JIO

it's funny ,but sometimes it's driving me crazy
especially everytime finish classes ,went to cafeteria and meet some friends
then ' waaa, bo jio de '
saying this sentence to everyone of my friends
 we can get high easily with this words
very funny words uh?haha

everything BO JIO!
some thing we dont have to jio it but we still must say BO JIO!

we just took this photo together today, we just simply take this angle and there but we forgot..the discussion room was full with pupils,and when the pupils come out,bojio mates just like aiyor paiseh so many people.==
dont know what she paiseh about,already possed so many jor now only realized,..kinda too late to paiseh.
paiseh but the hand still continue finding the best angle .Funny larh

i chopped down my fringe shorter last saturday.
when we got class on blue monday,they just like BO jio go cut hair ==''

when we going back,we dont say bye bye ,we used bO jio also..

really going crazy soon if everyday like that.

i dont want use bo jio le larhh, hahah outdated jor
actually i want use WHAT THE TUT! and then i dont know why it will automatically change back to bo jio ...

everyday having a very nice day with them XD