Patrick's Biiday!

Friday, 6 December 2013

 Happy Birhtday Patttriicckkk!!!

Surprised in Aeon Station-18 !
we seperated into 2 group;
1- accompany him ,kind of window shopping and chat the pointless thing
2- bought the cakes and contact us to give him a big surprisee!

this actually arranged by Jessie , Patrick's Best Friend.
I think this plan is work! 
we gave him a surprisee in the middle of the foodcourt hallway!
hahahaha, i guess we blocked some peoples' way uh.

After that we hangout at chatime, to wait dinner timee!
in this gaps,i pull out chooiling to accompany me to Bean Cafe, 
that time i do really crave for bean cafe berry treasure .
then we taking some photos there, and NON stop! hahahaha

when i look back the photos, god. we do really good at selfie! hahaha
Euro House for our dinner ,the cabonara is really nice!!
almost everytime i come over ipoh and the first thing in my mind for dinner is Euro House
it just so awesome !!!
it's kind of pub i think euro house, they do provide entertainment inside there
like pool,singk..

dont worry, below 21 years old are welcomed too! 
the dishes they served are quite big portion, and it is reasonable for the quantity and quality of the dishes 
too bad , i didnt take photos ...

the last stop is SingK, till 2am.
kinda tired ,but still it doesnt stop us to take photosss!!!

Anyway, i really appreciate our friendship! 
happy birthday!!