KL Trip

Sunday, 27 January 2013

wee~ another time to KL shopping AGAIN!
looks like shopping at ipoh is not enough for me.
gosh, this new year i really spend lots of money
i guess..i have to eat bread or biscuit every meal, or maybe just sky juice? :'(
a little bit over budget ,i think

On the way to KL

i'm really excited to go again,because of the first time i go KL
i remember ..we like lost when we going to pavilion
it's very near but complicated

in da bus with Keqian 


but soon..all of us fell asleep, cause wake up in 7am?
LOL.i wonder why i can wake up in 7am when i'm going to trip and i failed to wake up when going CLASS

they brought me old town kampar taking breakfast together
and the breakfast just rm2!
so cheap, and worth!
after 2 hours plus, we reached KL 
oh yeah !

now here we are Time Square!

we actually took a group photo too,but so sad i dont have that photo :(

i love this place,it looks like in other places :P
full with food,gosh...
mouth-watering already and i'm hungry!

at last , we took our lunch at..Wendy's.

erm. kinda disappointed 

Well, H&M After Lunch !
itt's just sooo nice inside here!

i didnt bought any clothes here.
same goes with zara 
i know it will make me bankrupt ,if i buy the clothes here.

look at the people outside the dressing room!
god,it's take hours? i think

here, lion dance in front H&M !
it's just so CUTE!!
i love it!

after H&M we going to sungei wang ? i think
i dont really know where is it,and where am i going to.

going for accessories time ,searching for a necklace more than 2 hours
end up , we dont have enough time.
too bad,we should overnight here :(

rushing to busstop and it's killing us when we enter the wrong monorail
luckily still manage to get into the bus on time

nice experience in KL

i want to go again! 

oh yeah, i met my brothers there, Klinsmann and Nigel
but we didnt take phottooo,
cause i'm rushing to bus stop that time.
Sad Case. !!

Happy biirthday !

january seems like birthday month?
such an important month for me.
because sister and jaejoong also birthday in this month!

Really feel so sorry to sister,couldn't celebrate with you this year 
i've regret i didnt go back when i had the chance. :'(

so, i just uploaded a birthday present that i bought as celebration for you in facebook?
when i saw the hello kitty,seriously i dont know i think of you
that's why i bought it :p
i got a feeling that you going to like it!

sis,show me how you gonna appreciate this! :p
stick on your car in anywhere ,dont take out ,cause i gonna cry if you  lost it somewhere else. 
you gonna broke my heart too :P

 i didnt show my appreciation when you bought something for me and i just like don't care about it?
i remember you told me this,last time.
now ,i will try my best show you how much i appreciate having a sister like you.

i know i can't go back too many days, cause we are going have a fight soon or later
it is gonna be okay for 3 days i think
more than a week, i'm dying already
kena complain being too lazy...etc? xD 
am i right? 

seriously,i miss you so much.
i miss the time when we're in your room and talking about everything
i miss the time when i met problem,you advise me,lead me,and teach me a lot
i miss everynight when i'm at home, we gonna talk for hours in the dining room with daddy
i miss the time, whole family having dinner together.

i really miss the time with daddy,mummy and you :'(
of course included bubu and tata 

sis,i know you really tried your best to get whatever things i want.
i really do.
thank you sister,so much.

I LOVE YOU! Muacks!

Jason's Biiday !

Friday, 25 January 2013

Omg,i just got the photos that taken that night

and i'm actually hesitating to publish this post
god , so many photos !
how i am going upload? LOL
there is TOO MUCH!
i guess this post going to full with photos ONLY
In da progress...

 I think i better let the photos talk xD
and shows how much we having fun together celebrate 1st day of school and Jason's Birthday

 this photo nice right? of course, i'm the photographer :)
There's a lot of Pattern in here.
we should named as Pattern Gang
 our lenglui - Doreen

 Chicken Wingsss ! it's really taste good with honey and little bit Butter,i guess?
 okay, we are like this, when you are just going to take 1 photo of yourself
then all of us will trying the best to fit into the photos and turn it become Group PHOTO instead.
so , there's a lot of group photos but not all of us.
Wee i'm the only one looking at da Camera!
 i'm just so proud of it uh? LOL

End of Bbq time, now it's killer time!
we playing Killer games and sharp 12 am we asked jason open his eyes!
Tadaa! there's a cake infront of him xD
surprise not?touching not?
i like saw his tears?

 this photo is actually one or two person want to take together but dont know how end up become like this
...this photo looks like proposing? hahahah

so hardly to get solo photo seriously
before that..let's see..some photoss

Almost kissing momment xD hahaha 
and this !

me and victoria eventually hit our nose.LOL
she cried.because she hit my spec :(
Sorry. Victorie :(

That's All for that day.

The End.

Ipoh Trip (part 2)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Finally, no more only looking at people check-in AEON 18.
now it's my turn. 
but actually i dont really like check-in lah xD

went to aeon the next day,hmm..
almost finish bought everything for CNY
we just went to window-shopping

and and and..i forgot to mention it

I ate jor ! Liu sha bao,i remembered it's very famous one
 the real yumcha uh? ! hahaha
 Yesh,that it is liu sha bao! Nice!

but the restaurant i went ,the liu sha bao there's a little bit different 
hmm taste not bad la ,quite nice also
just for our breakfast @.@

i remember the first night,we went gopeng.
Simyee's father purposely brought us to Ipoh 
东区旺角茶餐室,er.. cafe WK

there's a lot of stall,all really looks delicious
and many people as well..
we aren't hungry actually just something like yumcha?
i guess so.
we really took early dinner at simyee's house 

the food there not bad , like it ! 
thank you sooo much  simyee's parents !xD

we not just going there and enjoy the trip , we also got our STUDY time !

see,we're not just enjoying uh.
after the study time ,of course we gotta relax,so it's Movie Session
erm, what movie actually we watching there? it's PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2
kinda scary, but i heard some rumors that it is fake one, people edited .
omg, so real.
i trust it when i 1st time watch,it is so real!

we went to sleep after watch paranormal activity, no one trying to talks anymore after watched it
feeling so scare and better sleep faster xD

went to Ipoh Parade shopping, and Purposely went to Marry Brown to use the Card Siswa. LOL! 

Ipoh Trip (part1)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

finally,i've got the chance visit Aeon LOL
very outdated i know
most of the people visited when they're in sem 1
i also dont know why i'm so outdated? LOL!

went simyee's house staying for.. 4 days 4 nights?
we going to buy new year cloths there,because kampar only got tesco
every year,i telling myself i want to change ,change ,change
but actually i'm still the same.
this time, went with friends and really shopping whole day
( Sandy, Krystle and Sim Yee )
when we're in ..ipoh parade..
shopping in progress! 

Krystle and Sim Yee , outfit of the day?  :P
photos with only smilling and peace is boring! LOL!
krystle always the one teman me crazy! xD
bought a few of clothhes ,some are not really suited me 
sad case !

nevermind, we're going to Aeon!
the next day..
FINALLY! i can proudly said i went AEON before. xD!

by the way, i actually really enjoy the time with them
walking almost 6 hours and plus more 
then going for The Tower 

it is really a touching story.
must watch uh !
you'll never regret

still having photos that haven't uploaded!
really new experience <3
to be continue..