Welcome August!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Such quite long time i didnt update my blog, i know.
duh, too many stories to update and everytime when i found out i should update 
then comes out, duh i should hit the sack and update it tomorrow ..
then i forgot about it.

this time, just 3 of us. No homework topic today! 

Okkay, i updated this post just want to thank you my coursemate brought us to kinta city for movie,
ipoh parade for starbucks, and river front!!

it's kinda excited to me, i went ipoh for so many times
but then i NEVER been there.

i know everyone told me, 
nah, dont go there. it's nothing fun there.
but i still want to go there take a look ...

this is just a normal trip as usual ,we down to ipoh around 3pm rushing to kinta citty for Guardians of Galaxy
actually, im not so into this movie . My main point just to go starbucks.
and every Friday 6-7 pm SAY YES to 50% 

how i managed to reject this such a good chance.
i dont know since when ipoh become a big deal to me.duh
im playful enough, but now i think im better than last time.

Then, we went TGV for movie, guess what?
it's too late for us to buy the tickets and we've got no choice but the first row.
damn, my leg and neck was cramped . 
you need in the position for nearly 2 hours. duh.
this movie is Nice, there are funny moment and touching moment !
the touching moment, will made you cry even you don't meant to.

i cant say how excited i am when i saw Batista is in the movie
it is so out of expectation!!

the saddest thing happened is when we finish our movie , it turns out 7 pm .
DUH! my Starbucks 50% , such a heartache..
who gonna say No to get a venti size of your drink in only Rm8.50 !!
that doesn't stop us to go Starbucks too.

the first time, i tried my frappe with soy milk, and it comes out sweet later and really taste good
usually i'll just change the full cream milk to low-fat milk.

oh,i learned another thing, DON'T ever ask to less sweet.
i guess they'll skip to put syrup in it.
my friend do order less sweet ,it comes out like espresso frappe with tiramisu flavor LOL.

they aren't posing for taking photos. it's CANDID!
they were thinking of one of Edward's friend who started the name with 'B'
god damn, Brandon, bob, bae..etc

i forgotten to mention our dinner!
it is awesome, first of all, i need to say that restaurant is vegeterian restaurant.
but it surprised me when they  served vegetarian sushi LOL

the portion is big enough for 3 of us.
there's sushi row wrap it with cucumber, aww, that really nice
it it crispy and refreshing!
i really enjoy this dinner, and so out of my expectation.
i'm plan to eat Michelangelo pizzeria which quite famous i think in ipoh.
that restaurant just beside this vegetarian restaurant , and and zakka loft just right opposite 
duh, it remind me of their green tea cake, that is really nice. smoothing!
At  last ,River Front was our last destination today
we went for a walk found out some cute things LOL
2 person and 3 person  bicycle, and a single Tyre bicycle.
feeling want to try so much, too bad there's too much people..

Lastly, we heading back Kampar in 12am..
that's all for today! 
goodnight guys! 

Big Bad wolf is in Ipoh!

Monday, 28 July 2014

when you found out big bad wolf just within 50km with you, and you gonna crazy about it..
i took a public bus with my friend to ipoh, then the other friend came over and brought us there!!
that is awesome! , i was excited to went there
since i want to buy a lot of books, but seriously, maybe it's the last day..
everything just out of stock..Duh..
kinda disappointed ,and regret for i already used up my book voucher..
i could go to kl ,book fest
next year, im going therree!!
Matthew brought to visit wall art within 5mins we get to visit it all

it's too much tourist there and we kinda lazy to go out walk to find the wall art.
hahaha since our mainpoint is not the wall art..

it;s okay big bad wolf dont have the books i want, i change my target to Aeon station 18 popular!
and i managed to get one of a book,i want in discount price! YESH!

Besides, Starbucks announced new seasonal flavor for frappe, which is Tiramisu Frappe
and im gonna try it!!
by the way,the frapp taste really nice!

we're heading back kampar in the afternoon after we got everything we want..

this is the first time i went big bad wolf, duh..next time im will going at the first day!!
thank you matthew and tinyee accompany me to big bad wolf and aeon station18!
anyway just a short update for my blog. if there's gammar mistake or anything, im sorry. :)

Sudden Break

Thursday, 19 June 2014

seriously, im that kind of person who will go to anywhere as long as suddenly my mind strike out a place,
i dont really into planning to go anywhere, cause plan also failed.

After Early morning Datacom, god.
i love data com, the lecturer is good enough..just somehow she will like..force to listen up everything whenever your brain are fulled or maybe overload ..

suddenly everyone of us just tucked in Shalon's car then we start to recommend our breakfast location..
One of us just voice out " anyone Starbucks?" , god.
no one doubted it , we straight heading to Tambun Starbucks.
it's become our first choice tambun starbucks!

simply grab for a lunch then starbucks!!

it's in perodua viva, we get to fit in 4 person. LOL.
first time going starbucks with Mun ..
Shalon's driving!!
no doubt, side driver help us to take this! girls photo!! hahaha

still i ordered the same drink again, even the seasonal drinks are really attractive..
i just dont like to change my drinks much...

actually this fapp was recommended by Shalon.
and then turns out i fall in love with it.

not much photos, just we are going crazy ! hahaha
kinda sleeppyyy..
this is it. Strawberry cheesecake Frapp
taste good too just i dont really prefer sweet frapp..
i love coffee more. hahaha
i guess i started addicted to starbucks that time...
i dont crave that much last time...
anyway, i do always like sudden trip to somewhere else!
thank you so much Shalon!! brought us there hee~


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Yeah, the first time i worked as promoter..
okkay, it's promoting body-shampoo..
not much, just 2 days..
the first time, i standing over there 9 hours..my leg was like..damn painn
and when i get myself back to hostel, i dont even want to walk anymoreee.

Girls Gathering

Monday, 28 April 2014

i forgot how long all of us never hang out anymore, right after we heading to degree
Kinda hard to hang out like used to.

Finally, the day is coming. should be the night.
precious night uh
we just had our dinner then tutti frutti time
doh, look at us .

while we hanging out, we never forget to take picture.

first we started with two, then slowly everyone trying to merge into it
and it become group photo
im gonna miss y'all.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hey Friends, Follow My New bloggg in Dayre!

Dayre is an application that broke the long long blog into bite-size pieces
it's kinda fun,not bad for me uh!
at least i can update it anytime through my phoneee

sometimes is really lazy to blog, cause there too long and many things to be shared
but dayre got those stickers thingy that could describe my mood and anything!


Always keep the faith

Happy new year 2014! 
TVXQ just passed 10th anniversary that day and it's going to 8-9 years that i've been your Cassiopeia!
and STILL i am! 

 nothing's gonna stop me to continue like TVXQ!
no one could replaced them anymore.

i will still keep the faith .
i believe it's not so easy to broke almost 10 years friendship.

i know , it may takes timeeee and i think it's going to be very lonnggg
but i dont caree!
i know you guys will come back as one!

it has been almost 4 years i think, JYJ and TVXQ!
they aren't broke into 2 team! JYJ is IN Tvxq !

Shinhwa happened exactly same thing like TVXQ, and look!
now they're TOGETHER as one!

so.. TVXQ will gonna gather as one soon!

Cassiopeia always! 
What i like is the  TVXQ that  5 in 1. 


Patrick's Biiday!

Friday, 6 December 2013

 Happy Birhtday Patttriicckkk!!!

Surprised in Aeon Station-18 !
we seperated into 2 group;
1- accompany him ,kind of window shopping and chat the pointless thing
2- bought the cakes and contact us to give him a big surprisee!

this actually arranged by Jessie , Patrick's Best Friend.
I think this plan is work! 
we gave him a surprisee in the middle of the foodcourt hallway!
hahahaha, i guess we blocked some peoples' way uh.

After that we hangout at chatime, to wait dinner timee!
in this gaps,i pull out chooiling to accompany me to Bean Cafe, 
that time i do really crave for bean cafe berry treasure .
then we taking some photos there, and NON stop! hahahaha

when i look back the photos, god. we do really good at selfie! hahaha
Euro House for our dinner ,the cabonara is really nice!!
almost everytime i come over ipoh and the first thing in my mind for dinner is Euro House
it just so awesome !!!
it's kind of pub i think euro house, they do provide entertainment inside there
like pool,singk..

dont worry, below 21 years old are welcomed too! 
the dishes they served are quite big portion, and it is reasonable for the quantity and quality of the dishes 
too bad , i didnt take photos ...

the last stop is SingK, till 2am.
kinda tired ,but still it doesnt stop us to take photosss!!!

Anyway, i really appreciate our friendship! 
happy birthday!!