Pudding day - 24/7

Saturday, 30 June 2012

i was so tired that day,really lazy to update it at all

wake up 7am i think,by someone morning call,i thought it was my groupmate
and just so energetic after that.==

we having discussion 10am,if i didnt wrong.i got my self very late sleep that day before,and so scare overslept
pressure ar~.

i went mami ( su ling) house at imperial there, veerry far from my house
went with yun en,and xin ning
three of us like a insane people cycling around at noon.luckily i didnt got sunburn
seriously,i wasn't so close with mami that time.just a little awkward la
people going do pudding and i dont even know one of those steps.
maybe i was confusing all of them uh.hahaha

 xin ning beating the eggs ,that she just bought it before we go mami house.XD

 i remember when yun en started take the photo and she put on flash light,all of just like WOA!! so nicee!..==''
 i love the sugar,become like gold.it makes the bowl looks like golden bowl jeK!

 dont ask me the steps,i just messing everything around.
and taking photoss~hahaha

i think we still got lots thing going to do after that,no more pudding bah
xin ning was so high after she ate the sugar.my heart beat fast whenever i ate too much chocolate and sugar.
or maybe i saw some news about TVXQ.

on same day, some newspaper reported that utar kampar got the statue...er i dont know their english names.>..<!

my mom got that news and phone me to take photo of that statue and bring her there to see it when she came visit me
is she wants to see me or the statue?=='' i think im more interesting than the statue

anyway,i wake up purposely and go ealier take the photo for her,
 ...very lucky,no one was there when i took this photo XD

June Bye

gotta say goodbye with june 2012 ,so fast.

i think i appreciate enough the time here,in kampar
study every saturday,and enjoy sunday here

a little bit ,feel the time going too fast whenever the pasar malam coming
it's just like tonight having the pasar malam and next 3 days pasar malam came again
but actually i just go through a-week like that.

everyday until 6pm,and my most proud class is friday
just till 11am and i heading home.
when i on the way going back,i can see there is a lot people going to campus
and they going climb the hill
pity them larh~ 11am so hot :P

i got a new hobby right here,whenever i was free
i like to enter my friend class even i didnt bring the notes there

the aircond are always drive me crazy
it's freezing in the class
i dont know how i going concentrate on study when i was freezing

i dont like sitting behind there,i cant ask lecturer if i dont understand

my friends always advise me dont even eye-contact with my lecturer
but..i think if i dont understand anything,just look at them
they will like asking you,anywhere you dont get me?some kind of that

the life here,out of study,just study
other than study,my mind will always think of what i am going have for my dinner.
everyday,same thing happening.
and the stall  right out of my class DDK,the ayamas something very nice
i love to have the hot dog and the burger there,just ...i cant always take it as my lunch.
so unhealthy :P.

i learn to make pudding last sunday,i was too lazy to update my blog when weekday,everyday very tired when i get back hostel

i'm so lazy to think of title,and the contents.

i'm here in kampar 1 month ++ already.i think i already adapt the life here without cinema,skate,badminton
even i brought my racket over here,but i havent play it yet.
GYM!,i want to go so many times,but everytime we wouldn't make it
so until now,i still havent go gym yet.



Saturday, 23 June 2012

i miss my baobei >.<!
everytime i saw dogs passed by,gosh
my baobei face strike into my mind,and i always thinking of are them miss me too?
i miss them a lot.

my sister specially took a video of them before she came visit me.
that video makes me cry.
my mom saw it and just comfort me..

i used to hugged them everday,and now i didnt see them live for a month
all i can see here just tutorial and lecture class.

and my only transportation bicycle.
i'm proud to have it.actually it was my sister but now it's mine

i can hear my family voice,but i cant hear my baobei voice
because they dont speak,they bark.

a few weeks ago,they just pee on my bed.i was thinking are them miss me too much? and then pee on my bed?goshhh

bad boy.

i downloaded a few movies all about dogs.
i cried when i see them leaving their owners,just because i think of my baobei .
i dont want to leave them.

their eyes will like telling something ,whatever i am doing.
when their make some mistake,they will show it honestly on their face.
manja with me when my sister beat them up for pee and poo in my house.

 this is BUBU.
this is DADA.(大大)it's not big dog actually :P.
i want to go home and hug my baooobeeii!

Father's Day

Saturday, 16 June 2012

this is the first year ever i'm not with my family
i miss the time with family, celebrating mother's day or any special days for our family

feel really sad i can't get back to alor star and celebrate it with them
i wish to have an aeroplane to get back there!
it's just a dream.

i dont have cakes to celebrate,the only things i can do just
pick up my phone,and wish my dearest happy father's day.

my father is never been a strict parent,we respect each other
when i heard someone is like trying to talks something bad about my parents
automatically,i will get mad and i'll stop it that topic as soon as i can.

i cant stand people talking bad about them,
for me family always the first
some people they trying convince to join something and they will touch our family

i'm just the kind of person who listen to my parents words only
if they say no,please dont think i going to disobey their words.
i wont

i believe in them,

maybe people gonna say i am 18 now,i can do my own decision
yes,i can do it
just i prefer to have my family advise before i make up my mind

i dont know how to describe hows my father
only words i can describe ,he is the best man in the world

he is my superman :P

 i love my daddy!


Friday, 15 June 2012


很想念以前一起玩那个超级high到的 spin the bottle







Sunday, 10 June 2012

yeah,it's just like what the title said.

just random.

i love the view at the lakeside in kampar here

i just simply capture the view,not very pro just normal normal

sharing around how nice it is at the westlake kamparrr~

the evening view around 6pm i think,cause i only going out for a walk at that time
very nice ,and our favourite spot sitting on the balcony and take some picturess there
the night view,er not the lake view anymore,just feel quite emo or else
aiya just feel nice laXD

the vieww in the campus,while i on the way to block D.
i have still long way to get to block D
just random

and the last picture i going share is something shows friendship for me
seriously,this is just like a..painting for me but actually it is a picture taken by me,very nice effect,right?XD

today post,just so random..

we played truth or dare and at last it turn to be OD ( Only Dare)
quite funny when xin ning going shuffling in the middle of road,so sad didnt take photo.
and and superman (our friend's nickname) act as a gay and find a boy to tell it he is gay! XD

we just play awhile and we going hostel soon.so sad. >.<

seriously i wish to have DSLR here,i can took down when the dogs playing in the park
they made me think of my pets. bubu and dada.
when looking at them ,all my mind is i want to go back and play with my dogs
3weeks i never see them,and didnt even talked to them.
almost 1 month.the longest ever i left them

yeah,i got friends here but not family anymore
i know i have to be independant
i choose to leave my hometown,i have adapt the life here
just,i need the time .
 even i already adapted the life's here,but still i will think of my family,,my pets,my hometown.

just i need time to adapt it.

steamboatt in our housee

Saturday, 9 June 2012

we just decided to make a steamboat in our hostel since no one inside here except 5 of us.

we went tesco by the taxi just to buy the ingredient for tonight our steamboatt~
actually we should go earlier but we went afternoon.
 our planned 3-5pm to gym ,but failed.

we lend the steamboat pot with our friend's superman XD
he got a special name here .

our steamboat no vegetables here,i think we forgot to buy vegetable XD

after our steamboat cleanning timee~

 this is ..the last two fish ball left for superman,cause he asked us to keep some for him XD
some soup here too ,we got lots of mushroom
i dont know why we bought so much,and almost everything in mushroom...

so winddyy tonight,at the lakeside.
we went for a walk after the dinner,we just simply be a light bulb of couples at the lakeside
so windy and..some kind of feeling

faster get back hostel much better XD

look at thiss!! my tvxq shocks!
i'm so proud with it,and my sister bought for me all of their version
so excited when i get them! XD



Friday, 8 June 2012

oh crockcroach,i scare crockcroach without any reason

and i just saw it twice in a week

everytime i saw it,it gave me a big surprise
it's like..suddenly come in .
dont know how it's appear.

everytime it appear,i will just scream.

XinNing will just like hero,catch the crockcroach and make it die


my mom just laughed at me,because of this.

it's that very funny that ..scare crockcroach?

i will only scream when i saw it.or resect!


Family came here today,i just a little bit over excited? i think

since thursday night,we went to mamak stall ,i'm just so high
even i just got myself a normal teh tarik.

talking all some wordssss..
something going wrong with me,

i got class 9am friday,and the only class i got it
it's very proud when telling others group people about..i got no class later
and you guys got it.XXD

it's kinda fun actually,they just like..urgh i hate friday
they gonna stay till 6pm ,and i going back 11am

it's sooo different.

went friend's house,going update everything in phone
she got wifi,not under danish.
ennvvvyyy arrrrr...

the internet speed is much moreeee better than mine
unfortunately,i just downloaded 52% and family arrivee!

gotta rush back with riding my bicycle..
lucky her house not so far from mine ,or not i going exhausted

they brought lot of things for me,but dont have table lamp.
xin ning sleep so early and i cant do anythign after she slept

pity me,cant do tutorial ...XD
i'm the kind of person who like to do the works in the midnight
ahem,i not an owl or..panda?.

daddy bought me a table lamp finally,thank you daddyyy!!! haahah

my family brought lots of food,and i going finished it all.
my stomach [kembang] after i finish the food,
even hot dog,bak chang,jelly,huat kuih.

all my favourite it's here XD

they going home 6pm,it's the sad moment when i just see them going back..

hmm i started to miss my mom ,after a few hours
my family,my pets

i saw the video clips that sister recorded for me my pets
...i wish to rub belly them!.

kinda emo today,i also dont know why
maybe just over-high yesterday and morning
that makes me sooo soo soo emo at the night

the songs made my eyes goes wet,and drop some tears because of miss my family,a little bit homesick.
maybe it's not the music ..just my mood so low.

 it's very happy when family coming over here,but it's very sad when they leaving too...
my parents saw me and just said..

my skin going healthier instead of darker,is that a way of comforting me?hahaha
and a little thinner,so sad.
just a little bit..i should take dinner de!