problem between us

Monday, 2 April 2012

i do believe times can make our friendship blow up
i just wish we could get it over.

times make us misunderstand each other ,and build up a wall between it.
cause we doubt.we never meet since we out of this school.

we got our jobs to do,we cant get out anytime as we like anymore
the day we get off different.

i dont blame anyone.really.
i dont want to have a fight .

just we need to tell the truth.

we used to play truth or dare to get know recently how we think about each other
but now,no meet,no truth or dare,dont know what thinking at all right now.

remember our craziest dare? that is really crazy,and how closed we were...

eat the nasi lemak inside the class while teacher were infront .
play chess,when teacher asked us to study ourselves.

secret birthday party.

i remembered the six rules.even we complained about no freedom
but we didnt even broke it.

now did they broke?
i dont know.

we tell the truth to each lies.
let make it this time too okay?

calm down and speak.
when we having a quarrel,that means we getting more far to each other

anger controlled our mind.just calm down.

dont speak easily,when you are in a might hurt the person you care.

we will getover it right?i believe.
it just ...misunderstand...

no only one people cause this,it's all our fault to make this happened in us.

by the way,i will apologize first.if i did anything wrong.

i really appreciate this friendship.i dont want to broke it.