I'm done.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

it's really tired for everyday have to think about where should i go.
and when i made up my mind,
parents dont think about it,just keep on and keep on tell me form 6 form 6 form6
then ask me go think about it AGAIN!

it's happen EVERYNIGHT!

i hate it! i'm done with it!

it's torturing my mind,i'm tired of thinking it again and
i hate change when i made up my mind.

if parents never want to let me go ,why they give choice? and everynight repeat.

if you really made up your mind to go there,then we'll let you go.
  dont say it again if you are lying me.


i dont want to go form6 ,i DONT WANT IT!

STOP talking me about form6 anymore,i hate it!

why they never respect my decision?just because i will change it when you tell me reason?

if dont want to let me go,dont give me choice,dont speak me with good words,...
dont ever tell me if i want to go anywhere and you will let me go..

i know where i want to go now..but all of you just asking to me change again?

or want to me think it again and again when i already made up my mind?

keep on asking me think about form 6,the benefit and everything
actually just dont want to let me go .
ask me think about is actually Want me to go there.

my parents respect me giving me the choice but indirectly ..you forcing me to go.

i really tired of thinking this .
i am tired.