Oopss ! it's May!

Monday, 30 April 2012

aww..it makes me so nervous watching 18th of may coming nearer and nearer

im in totally complicated mood,
sometimes i am really excited to going there,have a college life.
but,when i think of got to leave my family so far away

i always watching my parents and sister,they keep on talking about
when i'm in kampar,take good care myself and lots thing

i have a very small family,just 4 of us
since 2008,we got new members ..our dogs.
they are my family too..

i think of..whenever we go,we used to go whole family
we never separated.

and this time,is really going out of here.

18th may,so fast.

more 18 days and i will be in kampar

i still can lunch with my family,but not dinner anymore.
they need to get back alor star ,and tomorrow need work.

seriously,i feeling so guilty to my parents.
im sorry to choosen kampar as the place i want to further my studies.
but i really cant fit in penang Tar college.,i cant stay under that enviroment

it makes me feel so..uncomfortable.

maybe ,..i shouldnt visit kampar utar.
so that i can force myself to study in tar college..
i think..

labour day! ^^
finally we can rest in our home,making some home cook.
oh,my father and sister like to cook ,*i really wonder why i dont like it at all...
my sister likes to create out something special,and only my sister recipe.

now,i really enjoy the moment with them..
and appreciate it much.

the first time uh,gotta leave so far.
it['s not million miles away but it is very far to me.

everytime im trying to pack my things,i looking at my books.
and think..
should i bring all of them?
gosh,i need a new rack for those books!.

but if i didnt bring them,then i have nothing to do ..

anyway,happy labour day!
gonna enjoy the times with family!<3