Visited Utar Kampar

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

we woke up 5am in the morning ,and straight head to kampar.
it's really tiring.
feel so thankful and touched ,to parents.
it's really hard to find a day have good rest but because of i am going there and they have to woke up 5am
drive for almost 3 hours .
actually after we visited Utar,Westlake House,Ktar and MCDonald.
we were going to visit that..teluk intan. it's a historical places,very famous i think
and i never seen beforee,it's quite excited bbut unfortunately it's 50KM from kampar to go
we just turned back and thinking maybe  next time.( i know that next time will be VERY long time)

finally my parents brought me to kampar and visit that University that i would study there soon
actually is still pending,they trying their best to convince me further it at Penang.

cause Tunku Abdul Rahman College are even famous than University.and nearer

just i really prefer kampar,even though is really far to  get back my home
but there is a place for students.unlike penang,mix up everyone together
and their would get rob anytime .
the guard house is just for the sake of got a guard there
they dont ask where you from,or what you going do here.

Utar is really much better,it's like a town for student .
everywhere student,McD full with studentss.
my daddy become the oldest inside that McDonald.

i really love the environment there

A real university lifestyle

i want to study there.

if tomorrow is the last day,and where will i choose?
of course kampar,but if it is not..then maybe penang..

but seriously the environment,the accommodation..kampar 1st!

if the first sight see those houses,and dont feeling well
then better dont stay there,cause i going stay for 4 years
GOSH!,how i going live in the place that i feeling so..Not well

parents always ask me to think about 4 years dont only think how fun it would be at kampar either penang
i really think about it.

they asked me to make up my mind,and they will just accept it.
but when i told them my decision they started convince.