Rented double room

Friday, 27 April 2012

wake up in the early morning 5am Again!
we going to kampar today, for rent a room .

i thought i will take a single room,cause i need lots privacy.
sometimes,alone is much better.just sometimes

we need three single rooms, in second floor starting.
and at last it turn out to be 2 double room.

me and xin ning stay in a room, and jovelle gonna live with somebody else that she doesnt know.
it should be we dont know who is going to stay with her.

it's sooo tired, sitting in the car for almost 4 hours this time

we finish everything at lunch time,and after we finish the rooms thing,we seperated.

i went to tesco,having lunch at sushi king,
gosh i dont know how long never go there since i know sakae.

i'm glad that at last we take double rooms,i can see how much happy my dad when i took double room
yeah,it's much lighter little bit..
i will try to save up all money i've got dont worry mum.
my mum so worry me,keep me telling me this and that,dont waste things ..
and almost everything she talk about there.

i know my parents was trying convince me to penang,but i'm really sorry dad,mum..
i really feel so guilty..,i couldn't make it at last..

feeling so heart pain when parents trying to fulfill my wishes.,i can see how much tired they were,
driving for almost 12hours today,never stop.
going to kampar,is a good place to study but isnt good place to let me meet my parents .

my hometown so far away,i dont want them come here and back wasting for almost 6 hours just to see me.
....gotta leave alor star....

my mom asked me to come back when it is semester break only,..but what if i miss them?...

i never leave my family so far away,and it's going to be 4 years ..
 i dont know what should i do  ..

now all i know it just appreciate all the time with themm..every single moment,

4 years, so long..

it's a good start for me to independent .......