Sunday, 22 April 2012

this time,i am really speechless.

finally,i made up my mind to utar. and suddenly...

my daddy told me,maybe our family need to slow down our expenses

i know really well,how high we could expend in a night,or a week.

now i'm going to utar,if we still continue this
it will be a hard time to all of us.

if this decision bring hard time to my family
i would let it pass by without hesitated.

i couldnt enjoy and study there,and my family are save up everything just for me to study.

it doesnt mean i must study there,just..if i have the choice i will choose there.

living cost in kampar lower than in penang.i believe.

so now,i am really sorry to my mous,jiawen and xinning
if i couldn't make it.

when daddy tell i must get pass everything and get ptptn , all i can do is just telling daddy
 i will try my best but i cant give you a guaranty.

it cost money whenever i failed in a subjects.

seriously,i want to go there badly.

form6 gave me a bad impression.
i am still going to private ,after i got my form6. isn't?
then why i am wasting my time there..

it's really hard to get government university.if i got enough luck.
 i m not going to be a teacher.so if i got that something about teaching,
i probably would decline it on the spot!

so at the end ,i am still going private.

i really hope,everything will be fine and smooth.
i want to be a part of utar student.
but if situation unsuitable, i will go form 6 ..:)