preparation to kampar.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

is that too early to prepare everything to kampar?
and should i bring whole room things go there?i just worry there might no place to fit in...

i gotta bring this that and everything in rooms!

actually,i dont excited to there and kinda worry about the life in kampar..
i read lot peoples blog and hesitated .
it seems like so hard to study there,and it's cost everything.
i must hard working from the first day then,it's not enjoying anymore .

i live with xin-ning right now,we stay in a room.
gonna be great right?i hope so.
i will learn to tolerate ,and learn to be independent...
hope we will get along well at there.

huu..i feel so sad to leave family actually..

i really appreciate all the times with them now.
suddenly i feel 18 years,are so SHORT!
or maybe i dont even appreciate and think about it last time..

i look at family,my puppies

i cant hug my parents,i cant play with my puppiees..
i cant even touch them

i must take a photo to see them if i miss them.
some people suggest skype
yes,i know skype but my parents are tired after work
i dont think they still have the time to online like i do.

maybe i only can listen to their voice..

now,i feel so great when my mum was nagging at me.
i know she care for me,..

once i go there ,no more staying in my personal room,with air-cond in
no more people will nag at me,shout me,scold me.

hu...jiayou sandy.

gonna be a hardtime in the first time ,i guess.

i scare i will home-sick.
my dad told me,if scare home-sick then dont go .stay here and for sure i wont home sick cause i am at my home.

my mom told me,if i didnt take care myself well,and sick here and there.she will bring me home and forgot about the fees. so i better take good care myself uh.haha. i almost cried when i heard this.

my sister told me.,when i coming back here remember tell her. cause she need times to prepare my favourite food..

i look at my puppies,and feel wow 2 years so fast,i remember when my dogs came my house,he is a real puppy.

so small,and playful. he trick me always,playing gonna leave him :'(

i got another dogs found at outside after his owner throw him away a year.
he 's not strange dog.
it's my dog,my baby.

he likes sleep ,and always.
he protect me,and my family.
everytime we went for a walk,he used to walk infront of me.and i afraid if he is injured when fighting with dogs,so i get him up and bring him home.

i like to touch their fur,my dogs..

jiayou sandy.