ouch,it's hurt

Thursday, 29 March 2012

did i put on effort to get As in my SPM? yes,i really did

i tried my best,memorize all those words,sentences

and i just got  B.

kinda disappointed and feel guilty to teacher who taught me.
but i really hate it compare with other people.

hey,i am sandy tan.
i am myself,i am not born be like anyone of them
dont take meand compare it.

she get A? that's her problem.
not even a lil bits of mine

i hate it.

who dont want to get A in all subjects?
and especially the subject you like.

you never see how much effort i put into it and just say it like
i didnt even try?

if you didn't saw it,just shut up your mouth.

if you saw it,then why you compare it?you should know how much i want to get A in this subject.

i looks nothing,because i accept it this is what should i get.

dont simply judge me.


ElainezNingz said...

I get few A(s) only~