Thursday, 1 March 2012

the first time skype with japanese friend -- Risa

oh my god,i am so shyy...
haha,very nervous and i have no idea what to say

i am trying to speak in japanese but i just realise i forgot everything ..
i just keep on..bokuwa...bokuwa.. and i only remember korean...

i am going to learn japanese ! i am serious

really very happy skype with her
even though  we just microphone to talking
ah,i wish to webcam with her

she is a good friend =)
she taught me a little bit in japanese heehee
i think we have a good time right?haha we talk for almost 40 minsss
she is suchh a cutee girl
kawaiii komudachi,i think?haha :P

and soon we going to meet
march 15 i think,,

if she can stay my house,that is perfect!
we can watch tohoshinki together

i asking my parents to allow me go japan find them,they doubt..
it's true ,first time i am going to other country and i am alone
without parents beside me.TT

i really hope they will allow me go osaka.

i really scare skype ,its really shy when going to speak or open the webcam
like..dont know what to say .. and i can feel my face it's hot!

oh my god..><