Tuesday, 13 March 2012

just i dont want to sleep
i also dont know the reason  

after wait IVY for 3 hours
just because of her after 10pm,i started wait her 9pm
i talked to my friends in skype around 1 hours
and keep on waiting for her ONLY!

i promise myself next time she tell me again after 10pm
dont wait anymore,just online 12am
everything ok!

hoping everything is okay tomorrow

only work half day until 1pm
then straight to alor star mall,for movies!
John Carter
this is the first movie ever since i work.
quite excited but headache
what should i wear?

i like to wear casual,just normal T,and jeans

i want to drive there,and daddy sit beside me
i am not so sure whether he is ok or not

i didnt touch that car for looonggg time agoo
everytime i telling daddy i going drive today after this & that
and then later.. sure.. raining..

i miss it soo much but i scared scold by daddy again
i dont know how to stop it..:(