time to choose the right way

Friday, 23 March 2012

before i got my result,all i wish just can get into a college
but after i got it,it's more complicated than i think

i dont know what subject should i take
ii dont know what subject i am really interested

now everything just I Dont Know.

all i know is just i will get into business studies

i need someone to give me advise ,instead of keep on asking about my opinion

form 6??? LCCI?? private college??

now i dont even have a time to think about it

i scared of account,it's lots of numbers

someone told me,i am more suitable and better in business management
this really made me doubt

LCCI is a global accepted qualification
and Diploma in accounting?
omg,what it is!
my sister told me,LCCi means you are going to be accountant
it's different with diploma.
if after diploma when we going to degree ,we have to choose our specified subject.
yeah,i want to specified in taxation

this is what i want,i know it well

then what about form 6? i really scare failed in my STPM and i going to use my SPM result
get into private college ,and just DIPLOMA in accounting,instead of degree.
i dont want to waste it half and a year inside a college

form 6 is same like foundation
form 6 just a path to government university
it's really okay with it if i can get into government university but ..what if i cant?

this most important time now,i need advise.
going back to school and ask for teacher advise
hope can help me out.

i just keep on applying those private college..


ElainezNingz said...

b4 I decide go form 6 I also duno duno duno...
I go form 6 becoz can man man think what I wan study~
U want to go to what private college?

Sandy♥ said...

actually i also dont know,just apply all..