Tuesday, 20 March 2012

i am just soo high right now

i dont wish to get straight A's or even a A

just passed all,and get 5 credits to apply college

i keep on praying to gods please just let me get 5 credits
10am sharp at school waiting in the hall

our cutest principal gave us a speech that SPM 2011 broke the record again
it's feeling so good

when i get my result..omg
i shouted,infront of my teacher and my friends
almost cry,really cant believe it

i never think about to get A ,i swear
just want to pass it all subjects and get 5 credits
that is really enough for myself

really satisfied with this result
i tried my best,even maybe it's just average result for others
but i am just so happy with it!

first time wake up in the morning 6am
i try to take a nap again and it's just 7am

i really feel why the time become soo slow,like a tortoise

finally i can have a good night sleep :P


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Sandy♥ said...

thanks ziccckkyy! and you too,it more better than me! :D congratzzz