make up

Friday, 9 March 2012

i think i need to learn how make upp
it;s the time now..

i want to make up too
but i dont know at all
no technique..

i feel my heart pain when i am going buy those make up stuff
such a waste for me..><

what should i do?

i have a small eyes,given by god.i proud with it
even the dust cant get into my eyes

but now i want to change it.
what is the things i should buy? for the new learner...


Elio said...

If you dn hope to buy all cosmetics set and kit, then you buy a pencil eyeliner first~

zickytheantisocial said...

Eyeliners are a must!!! =D

Sandy♥ said...

pencil de?how to draw?hahah,cause eyes small haha

ElainezNingz said...

liquid is pleasure to use!But I no use it b4 hya hya