steamboatt in our housee

Saturday, 9 June 2012

we just decided to make a steamboat in our hostel since no one inside here except 5 of us.

we went tesco by the taxi just to buy the ingredient for tonight our steamboatt~
actually we should go earlier but we went afternoon.
 our planned 3-5pm to gym ,but failed.

we lend the steamboat pot with our friend's superman XD
he got a special name here .

our steamboat no vegetables here,i think we forgot to buy vegetable XD

after our steamboat cleanning timee~

 this is ..the last two fish ball left for superman,cause he asked us to keep some for him XD
some soup here too ,we got lots of mushroom
i dont know why we bought so much,and almost everything in mushroom...

so winddyy tonight,at the lakeside.
we went for a walk after the dinner,we just simply be a light bulb of couples at the lakeside
so windy and..some kind of feeling

faster get back hostel much better XD

look at thiss!! my tvxq shocks!
i'm so proud with it,and my sister bought for me all of their version
so excited when i get them! XD