Father's Day

Saturday, 16 June 2012

this is the first year ever i'm not with my family
i miss the time with family, celebrating mother's day or any special days for our family

feel really sad i can't get back to alor star and celebrate it with them
i wish to have an aeroplane to get back there!
it's just a dream.

i dont have cakes to celebrate,the only things i can do just
pick up my phone,and wish my dearest happy father's day.

my father is never been a strict parent,we respect each other
when i heard someone is like trying to talks something bad about my parents
automatically,i will get mad and i'll stop it that topic as soon as i can.

i cant stand people talking bad about them,
for me family always the first
some people they trying convince to join something and they will touch our family

i'm just the kind of person who listen to my parents words only
if they say no,please dont think i going to disobey their words.
i wont

i believe in them,

maybe people gonna say i am 18 now,i can do my own decision
yes,i can do it
just i prefer to have my family advise before i make up my mind

i dont know how to describe hows my father
only words i can describe ,he is the best man in the world

he is my superman :P

 i love my daddy!