June Bye

Saturday, 30 June 2012

gotta say goodbye with june 2012 ,so fast.

i think i appreciate enough the time here,in kampar
study every saturday,and enjoy sunday here

a little bit ,feel the time going too fast whenever the pasar malam coming
it's just like tonight having the pasar malam and next 3 days pasar malam came again
but actually i just go through a-week like that.

everyday until 6pm,and my most proud class is friday
just till 11am and i heading home.
when i on the way going back,i can see there is a lot people going to campus
and they going climb the hill
pity them larh~ 11am so hot :P

i got a new hobby right here,whenever i was free
i like to enter my friend class even i didnt bring the notes there

the aircond are always drive me crazy
it's freezing in the class
i dont know how i going concentrate on study when i was freezing

i dont like sitting behind there,i cant ask lecturer if i dont understand

my friends always advise me dont even eye-contact with my lecturer
but..i think if i dont understand anything,just look at them
they will like asking you,anywhere you dont get me?some kind of that

the life here,out of study,just study
other than study,my mind will always think of what i am going have for my dinner.
everyday,same thing happening.
and the stall  right out of my class DDK,the ayamas something very nice
i love to have the hot dog and the burger there,just ...i cant always take it as my lunch.
so unhealthy :P.

i learn to make pudding last sunday,i was too lazy to update my blog when weekday,everyday very tired when i get back hostel

i'm so lazy to think of title,and the contents.

i'm here in kampar 1 month ++ already.i think i already adapt the life here without cinema,skate,badminton
even i brought my racket over here,but i havent play it yet.
GYM!,i want to go so many times,but everytime we wouldn't make it
so until now,i still havent go gym yet.