Pudding day - 24/7

Saturday, 30 June 2012

i was so tired that day,really lazy to update it at all

wake up 7am i think,by someone morning call,i thought it was my groupmate
and just so energetic after that.==

we having discussion 10am,if i didnt wrong.i got my self very late sleep that day before,and so scare overslept
pressure ar~.

i went mami ( su ling) house at imperial there, veerry far from my house
went with yun en,and xin ning
three of us like a insane people cycling around at noon.luckily i didnt got sunburn
seriously,i wasn't so close with mami that time.just a little awkward la
people going do pudding and i dont even know one of those steps.
maybe i was confusing all of them uh.hahaha

 xin ning beating the eggs ,that she just bought it before we go mami house.XD

 i remember when yun en started take the photo and she put on flash light,all of just like WOA!! so nicee!..==''
 i love the sugar,become like gold.it makes the bowl looks like golden bowl jeK!

 dont ask me the steps,i just messing everything around.
and taking photoss~hahaha

i think we still got lots thing going to do after that,no more pudding bah
xin ning was so high after she ate the sugar.my heart beat fast whenever i ate too much chocolate and sugar.
or maybe i saw some news about TVXQ.

on same day, some newspaper reported that utar kampar got the statue...er i dont know their english names.>..<!

my mom got that news and phone me to take photo of that statue and bring her there to see it when she came visit me
is she wants to see me or the statue?=='' i think im more interesting than the statue

anyway,i wake up purposely and go ealier take the photo for her,
 ...very lucky,no one was there when i took this photo XD