Sunday, 10 June 2012

yeah,it's just like what the title said.

just random.

i love the view at the lakeside in kampar here

i just simply capture the view,not very pro just normal normal

sharing around how nice it is at the westlake kamparrr~

the evening view around 6pm i think,cause i only going out for a walk at that time
very nice ,and our favourite spot sitting on the balcony and take some picturess there
the night view,er not the lake view anymore,just feel quite emo or else
aiya just feel nice laXD

the vieww in the campus,while i on the way to block D.
i have still long way to get to block D
just random

and the last picture i going share is something shows friendship for me
seriously,this is just like a..painting for me but actually it is a picture taken by me,very nice effect,right?XD

today post,just so random..

we played truth or dare and at last it turn to be OD ( Only Dare)
quite funny when xin ning going shuffling in the middle of road,so sad didnt take photo.
and and superman (our friend's nickname) act as a gay and find a boy to tell it he is gay! XD

we just play awhile and we going hostel soon.so sad. >.<

seriously i wish to have DSLR here,i can took down when the dogs playing in the park
they made me think of my pets. bubu and dada.
when looking at them ,all my mind is i want to go back and play with my dogs
3weeks i never see them,and didnt even talked to them.
almost 1 month.the longest ever i left them

yeah,i got friends here but not family anymore
i know i have to be independant
i choose to leave my hometown,i have adapt the life here
just,i need the time .
 even i already adapted the life's here,but still i will think of my family,,my pets,my hometown.

just i need time to adapt it.