Work as clerk

Saturday, 4 February 2012

this is my first job work as inventory clerk
it's so complicated,i lack of experience which this company needs
the submission the end of month,whole company get crazy with my submission
keep on calling my phone,asking this and that

i really felt so bad,when everytime they called me.
it's so sorry
i guess i will not make the same mistake on next month
i tried my best
i just realise how tired is my parents,i dont understand it 
but since i start work,i know exactly what they feel
i'm just sitting inside the office and do nothing
but when i come back home,gosh,it's tired

i wish everything would do it for me ,i'm really tired move ..

i totally forgot my blog,since the submission the end of month.

maybe it's stress but i;m not sure about it.

everyday i remind myself check this and that to make sure everything is correct

1st experience ,never ever exchange your stock near end of month
cause they have no time to check how much you returned your stock and prepared new stock for you.
gotta wait for almost 2 weeks

2nd experience,dont feel shy when you dont know how to do the submission,just call them up ask for the detail.dont feel you are disturbing them.

my jobs is just waiting members come buy product with me,
other time i can do whatever i like,so i got lots of time to online
watch movie,MV everything.
it is so enjoyy.
almost everyday i watching PPs,and pause it for 10 mins then continue
their members buy products once,so i dont have to stop my pps too long.
unless the submission take my time.
.............this is what i know about this jobs.......