grandpa 80s birthday

Monday, 27 February 2012

 my super handsome grandpa was born on 25 February 1931
i am not so sure about the year he was born

this years  he reached 80
he even look younger than his 60s friends~!
he is strong,and his eyes is better than all of his grandchildren.
he dont even wear spec but his grandchildren and children all wearing spectacles.some wear lens

oh my god,i am so curious how my grandpa body can be so strong?
he only drink hot chinese tea and not ice tea
and and and, he's so cool in eating spicy
god,he just ate the chilies like biscuit or else.scaryy.

my parents,their brothers sisters decided to made a party for his 80s birthday

it's very touched when grandpa sister attend his birthday,eventhough she is really hard to walk :(
she told her,she still will attend no matter how far she gonna walk,because this is her brother birthday.
really touching

this is the photo when he was young ,with his children at thailand i think.not so sure about it

this is the photo that in his birthday.

we celebrated at star city hotel,alor star. we got a good service from the waiter.
they are friendly.:)

grandpa,happy birthdayy!
heehee,hope we have the chance to celebrated again next 5 or 10 years!
lovee you grandpa!